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With professionals or without them?

Elena Jakubovic
27.Apr 2021
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If you're thinking about selling or renting your property, you're probably looking for suitable partners. Lately, it's very "trendy" to handle it on your own, but there's a catch you need to be aware of...

We are professionals in this business… and we will show you the ropes.

Advertising slogans are deceiving...

Are you toying with the idea of saving on a commission fee for a real estate agency, swayed by real estate servers with the following type of ads:

Rodinný dům na pronájem, Praha 4 - 359m
Rodinný dům na pronájem, Praha 4 - 359m, Praha 4

"My real estate sold immediately and it didn’t cost me more than a few crowns", "I downloaded a sample contract for a hundred, and easily handled everything myself"?

He who saves on the safety of his property pays dearly for it.

What are the risks of doing it on your own?

I have been working in this industry for eleven years, and even I am sometimes surprised by the ingenuity of fraudsters.

What can happen if you decide to go into it without a broker? Fraudsters could turn you around for money, real estate, or become "non-evictable tenants."

In addition to fraud, in case that the sale without a professional real estate agency fails, you also risk losing the market attractiveness of your property. What if it stays on the market for too long and no one wants to buy or offer it to their clients anymore?

The presence of your apartment or house on such unrealistic servers is a devaluing reference for buyers. As they say - "You can make a first impression only once".

After an unsuccessful first presentation, the market attractiveness of your property cannot simply be reclaimed. It takes a lot of creativity and ingenuity. That's why it is important to pay attention to the brand under which you will present your real estate market for the first time.

Are you wondering how to choose the right real estate agency?

What will you learn next?

Don't miss the next episode - "Real estate agency vs. broker".

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