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A unique service for sports lovers has evolved in Chicago. Big Game Air offers the option of transporting fans in luxury to and from important sporting events, within a single day.

Private jet to the football match? Why not!

Eva Ledecká
15.Sep 2017
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Big Game Air

Fans can attend the largest sporting events of the year in the USA, such as the Super Bowl LII, NBA All-Star Game 2018 and regular seasonal NFL, NHL and NCAAF, by luxury jet and return home to their wives by the end of the day. 

Private jets of the utmost luxury

Each aircraft can carry up to 30 passengers on board, making it the ideal means of transport for private group trips. Passengers can purchase one-time tickets up to 24 hours before departure, or hire the entire aircraft. During the first year, Big Game Air flights will depart from Chicago, New York, Columbus and Detroit. The following year, the company plans to add Dallas and Atlanta and in 2019 it has plans for Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The flights are always return, which means there is no need to book a luxury hotel. The ticket includes premium beverage service during the flight. In addition to the travel fare, clients can also purchase special luxury packages offering their favourite premium meals and refreshments, and exclusive flights with professional athletes or celebrities are also being planned.

A return flight including a shuttle to the sports venue and back to the aircraft will cost between USD 1200 and 2200, depending on the length of the flight and size of the aircraft.

Luxusní byt Praha 7 - 523m
Luxusní byt Praha 7 - 523m, Praha 7

Big ideas come from small things

The company’s founder Arturo Gomez claims that the concept for Big Game Air occurred to him when he and his wife had their first child. He longed to attend a football match in Michigan, but his wife didn’t want to stay home alone with their first-born child overnight. She would consent only if he were to return the same day. Arturo called his friends and booked a private jet: he and his friends attended the match and were back within 12 hours. Thus, Arturo Gomez got a unique idea which has now become reality. 

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