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Thanks to collaboration between the aviation company Airbus and the Italian supercar studio Pagini Automobili, a unique design has been created for the interior of the ACJ319neo aircraft, designed for private flights. The luxurious interior has been given the name Infinito.

Private flights have a new face: the luxurious Infinito interior

Eva Ledecká
03.Aug 2017
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Interior Infinito

The word “infinito” expresses infinity, which is in this case represented by two things: luxury and space. Come and have a look with us at an interior which mere mortals have no chance of seeing. 


Never-ending luxury by Pagini Automobili

The Infinito interior was designed in the spirit of never-ending luxury and space. It will certainly be of no surprise to anyone that Pagini Automobili also put everything which it puts into the designs of its luxury sports cars into the interior of the Airbus ACJ319neo.

So you can feast your eyes on the top quality of all of the equipment and the cabin itself. The interior is of course fitted out in leather, luxury wood and carbon fibre. The space is divided into several segments including a cinema, dining area and lounge. These spaces are separated by transparent walls which move at the touch of a button.

Vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

“Art and science can walk hand in hand; that is the philosophy of the Pagini brand,” said Horacio Pagini, talking about the project. “Collaboration with Airbus is the start of a new and exciting adventure for us all.”

Never-ending space thanks to the ceiling screen

A unique feature to be found in this interior is the ceiling screen which makes it possible to see the sky above the aircraft or to display other images. The huge screen has been designed in such a way as to give passengers the feeling of an enormous and never-ending space. Just imagine that. Now that is what we call luxury travel!

The Infinito interior was presented at the Europe Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition. The aircraft can fly for 7,800 miles on one tank and 15 hours without landing. The basic version of the Airbus A319neo costs USD 99.5 million without the Infinito interior. 

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