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The days of classic manual control of lights are possibly nearing their end. Preciosa came up with a smart lighting in the form of luxury Breath of Light which comes life through your breath. For Preciosa Lighting the passion for design is characteristic!

Preciosa: The Installation Breath of Light Comes to Life through your Breath. It won a Red Dot Award!

Mgr. Jana Höger
06.Sep 2018
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The Breath of Life and its award

Breath of Light is an interactive installation which responds to your breath. It creates various effects and a unique play of light. For this feat it reaped the greatest award, the RED DOT, “Best of the Best”. The design was made by creative directors of Preciosa Lighting, Michael Vasku and Andreas Klug.

Breath equals life/light. The luxurious play of light by Preciosa - what does it look like in practice?

Breathing of light is a certain kind of behaviour, not a static animation. This means that every time someone breathes “life” into the installation, the light moves in a slightly different way. The dynamic light effect is never the same, unlike a recurring animation, played over and over. What is interesting is to repeatedly watch its behaviour, not to mention the fact that when "life" is given to it by another person, it also creates an effect or two people playing together.

"It is not only about interaction between a man and a lighting fixture. Breath of Light can also connect two people together. Their smiles then, same as the light, light up the whole area."

We had the opportunity to ask the creators the following questions:

What was the time scale of producing this lighting?

The installation was made in 6 weeks. It was first introduced earlier this year at the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

Prodej luxusního řadového domu - Tuřany
Prodej luxusního řadového domu - Tuřany, Okolí Prahy

What is the feeling like when you breathe life into a lighting fixture?

This is best captured by a feeling of awe and then a huge dose of joy.

Where do you imagine it could shine?

The installation is designed for hotel lobbies and other representative spaces. This year we are planning to exhibit it during the Dubai Design Week.

What were your first feelings about the award?

We are very pleased for the whole team involved in the creation of the installation.

Do you dream of reaching some further milestones?

Now we are to take a part in the Monaco Yacht Show where we are to introduce another interactive installation entitled Pearl Wave.

Is there some story linked to the installation or its creation?

We can say that the breath for us is a poetic, albeit unconventional way of interaction between objects and people. With breathing, but also with inhaling and exhaling is associated a number of rituals. Just imagine blowing off a candle. We have turned this idea around, telling ourselves that this year, we will give our lights some life. And to this purpose we adapted the overall technical solution of our installation.

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