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It is already certain that the Signal Festival will lead through Karlín for the first time, will focus on Czech artists and its theme will be the future one hundred years of the republic. The program has been revealed. So what can you witness?

Prague shrouded in luxury light: What will the SIGNAL festival bring?

Mgr. Jana Höger
07.Sep 2018
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Signal Festival

Prague will glow – the 6th year of the Signal Festival

The Festival of Light will light up the city of Prague traditionally in the autumn period from11th - 14th October, 2018. With its 24 art installations of both Czech and foreign artists, it will shine in 8 city districts of Prague. The 3 main routes, the center, Vinohrady and Karlín await you. This location will also be the place of the overall launch of the luxury light show and festival. The opening ceremony will take place on October 11th at 7 pm at Karlín Square. This year marks a significant change, namely that the work of Czech artists will dominate. This time, 16 outstanding lightworks will come from Czech production. Among them are Ivan Kafka, Epos 257, Michal Škapa, Lukáš Rittstein and Pavel Karous.

"For the first time this year, the festival chose a common theme, which is a response to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the republic. More than in the past century, however, it is interested in the 100 years that are to come. Thanks to this topic, we focused on Czech artists in the program." Martin Pošta, director of the festival, describes.

TOP Experiences: discover Prague in a new light!

Light, static, 3D and interactive installations, projection, and videomapping will illuminate luxury Prague locations, as well as other locations in the city. According to the organizers and artists involved, the following light events will be the greatest experience:

NE(U)KLID Jana Mercogliano and her conception of light floating on the waves of the Vltava River. It was inspired by the hidden currents beneath the surface. She has luxuriously succeeded in bringing together new media representing technical progress and physical phenomena.

ORGANIK, which is actually an accompanying program to the festival. It focuses more on the connection of light and music. The place where light effects and organ music will come together is in the church of St. Salvátor, Salvátorská Street.

ZIMOUN, a Swiss artist working under this pseudonym, will present a monumental and at the same time very minimalist work responding to the tension between neat formulas and life chaos. This installation will be seen at the Hauch Gallery in Karlín for one more week after the end of the festival.

Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m
Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m, Praha 5

Traditionally, the busiest route will be the center of Prague. It offers eight light fixtures, one of the most interesting and most distinctive is the Heaven on Earth by Richard Loskot and the UAII Studio, which will take Clam-Gallas palace visitors into the cloud, directly into the epicenter of a strong thunderstorm.

A huge dose of a luxury light shows awaits us. Are you excited?

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