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Another steps towards a smart city

Prague in numbers: Pragozor has verified data on living and safety

Linda Veselá
24.Sep 2020
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Žena ve žlutém tílku před staroměstským orlojem

Would you like to know how many cars there are in Prague, how many apartments get built each year or how much trash each inhabitant produces per year? You can now find interesting numbers relating to life in Prague on the site Pragozor.

How much greenery is there in Prague and how fast are the apartment numbers growing?

The Pragozor website wants to offer information from all areas that could be of interest to the average Prague inhabitant. Visitors of the site therefore have a choice of eight categories: health, housing, environment, public transport, cars, safety, mobility and tourism.

For example, one of the things you can find out on the site is that urban greenery occupies more than a sixth of the area of ​​Prague (17.7 percent). This is a little less than in Warsaw or Vienna, but more than, for example, in Bratislava or Berlin.

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Tabulka ukazuje množství zeleně v evropských městech
Tabulka ukazuje množství zeleně v evropských městechSource: Pragozor

You will also find detailed information about the Prague housing situation there. Last year, 6002 new apartments were finished, and this number has been gradually increasing in recent years - in 2013 it was more than two thousand fewer apartments. And in which European countries are the prices of new flats rising the fastest and how does the Czechia fare? Yes, you can find that on Pragozor too!

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Graf růstu cen bytů v sousedních evropských hlavních městech
Graf růstu cen bytů v sousedních evropských hlavních městechSource: Pragozor

At present, the Prague City Council manages 7,243 municipal apartments (the rest of the municipal apartments are managed by individual city districts). Repairs in these flats amounted to 245.8 million crowns last year.

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Graf ukazuje počet opravených městských bytů v Praze
Graf ukazuje počet opravených městských bytů v PrazeSource: Pragozor

Or would you be more interested in the security on Prague streets? As property crime is declining significantly in Prague, it has fallen by almost half compared to 2013. The rate of violent crime has also decreased - while in 2013 police officers monitored 2,058 cases, last year it was 1,497.

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Graf ukazuje množství krádeží motorových vozidel
Graf ukazuje množství krádeží motorových vozidelSource: Pragozor

Luxusní byt 4+kk s terasou na prodej, Praha
Luxusní byt 4+kk s terasou na prodej, Praha, Praha 5

"It's not just about being interested in some information, but also about the fact that we've been witnessing the spread of a variety of fake news stories at an increasing rate recently,"

explained directly for the mayor of Prague Zdeněk Hřib. According to him, the spread of unverified information is exacerbated by the ongoing coronavirus crisis. The website thus aims to introduce verified and reliable data into the public discussion. The model for Pragozor was the city of Brno, where a similar system already operates.

You can verify everything

The Pragozor system uses existing data and displays it in a user-friendly form.

"Each graph has a source from which the data is taken. It is therefore possible to verify the data and their origin, "

added Michal Fišer, head of the ICT Operator company. It is them and their Golemio data platform that are behind Pragozor.

So far, Pragozor contains approximately 115 graphs. Forty of them are active - they are based on live data and are updated at regular times. The system obtains data, for example, from traffic sensors, Prague Integrated Transport's Lítačka app, but also from police statistics or parking garages. However, the current content of the site is not final - operators want to add more data as it is gradually released or based on user demand.

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