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The exhibition Art Behind the Line is up in the Prague metro

The Prague metro turned into an exhibition hall with works by famous artists behind the line!

Nela Štefanová
13.May 2020
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You're probably familiar with the following situation. You're running down the subway escalator like crazy, hoping you'll catch your train, only to see it leave the platform right in front of your nose. All you can do at that point is come to terms with the fact that you'll need to wait for your next connection. To make the wait more enjoyable, you can now see an exhibition called Art Behind the Line at four stations of the metro. This unusual project, which was implemented in cooperation with the The Prague Transport Company and the Gallery of the Capital City of Prague, might enable you to see this transport space from a slightly different angle.

You may have previously witnessed the Prague metro turn into a concert hall or even a dance hall in a blink of an eye. After experiences like these, you must have been convinced that nothing can surprise you in the subway anymore. But has it occured to you that these underground spaces could serve as exhibition halls for world-famous artists? No? Well, try to look behind the white dividing line at the edge of the platform in the subway on your way to work. At four specific stations, there will be a pleasant surprise waiting for you.

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Source: zdroj: Simona Amiridu (MHMP)

Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

"The exhibition Art Behind the Line is the first of the projects whose aim is to present the Prague metro as a space that is open to contemporary art. It builds on the fact that the design of the newly emerging stations was entrusted to renowned artists and Prague can thus count itself among the world capitals, where similar realizations as well as one-time artistic interventions are common,"

said Aneta Řehková, spokeswoman for the Transport Company of the Capital City of Prague.

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Source: zdroj: Simona Amiridu (MHMP)

The photographs by eight artists, such as Jiří Kovanda, Ondřej Přibyl or Markéta Othová, can be spotted on the walls behind the railway tracks of the stations Můstek A, Florenc B, Náměstí republiky and Karlovo náměstí. A total of sixteen unusual works are awaiting you, and you can also look forward to guided tours, which will bring you closer to the works themselves. And why were exactly these stations chosen for the presentation? The reason is simple.

"There are empty spaces formerly used for advertising on the design paneling at the aforementioned platforms,"

explained Řehková.

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Source: zdroj: Simona Amiridu (MHMP)

Although traveling by subway can really get on one's nerves sometimes, the fact is that the Prague metro has a long history that other countries can only envy us. From the very beginning of its operation, it can boast quality works of art. If you happen to have time to spare, stop for a moment and look around yourself in the subway. You'll definitely spot various mosaics, fountains, sculptures or stone or bronze reliefs. The exhibition will Art Behind the Line be run until the end of this year.

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Source: zdroj: Simona Amiridu (MHMP)

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