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A special vehicle "Phoenix" made its first trip.

Prague helps the other regions with covid patients

Karolína Lišková
12.Nov 2020
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Záchranáři vezou pacienta.

The coronavirus situation puts a strain on some regions in the Czech Republic. Many hospitals can't handle the influx of incoming patients, so Prague decided to help. On Thursday, EMS Prague transported ten covid positive patients from the overloaded Rudolf and Stefanie Hospital in Benešov to the University Hospital in Motol. The rescue team used a new special Phoenix vehicle for this purpose.

A new special Mercedes-Benz Atego car, named PHOENIX, was used for transporting the patients. It's no small guy, this one - it has 10 meters and can carry up to 12 patients on a stretcher or three patients in hospital beds, including the necessary devices to support the vital functions of patients from the ER department or intensive care units.

It's also not a problem to provide oxygen therapy to a larger number of people inside. The PHOENIX is intended as an evacuation vehicle for patients from medical facilities and for responses at fire sites.

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Nový speciální vůz FÉNIX.
Nový speciální vůz FÉNIX. Source: archiv ZZSHMP

The PHOENIX had company!

Most of the transported patients had a moderate progress of the disease, none of them had to be connected to a ventilator. However, one medical crew, two police cars and a rescue team from Prague were sent as escorts just in case; they helped with moving the patients on stretchers.

"If necessary, we will send our paramedics with PHOENIX to help colleagues in other medical facilities. Transport using this car is efficient for transporting groups of 6 or more patiens,"

says the director of EMS Prague Petr Kolouch.

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Vůz zachycený v postranním zrcátku sanitky.
Vůz zachycený v postranním zrcátku sanitky. Source: archiv ZZSHMP

"Prague's rescue team and other components of the Integrated Rescue System are a great help in managing the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to their commitment and the commitment of all health professionals in the capital, we can help far beyond the borders of Prague and thus relieve the congested regions,"

adds Milena Johnová, the Councilor of Prague for healthcare.

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Záchranáři a covid pozitivní pacient.
Záchranáři a covid pozitivní pacient. Source: archiv ZZSHMP

The route, which is approximately 120 kilometers long, together with the transfer and accepting of the patients, was completed by the paramedics in three hours. The convoy from the Motol University Hospital then headed for disinfection at the Kundratka exit base.

Patients from Zlín have been in Motol since last week

Last week, members of the Medical Rescue Service of the Zlín Region, with the assistance of the Prague rescue team, transported the first five covid-positive patients from the non-regional medical facilities to the Motol University Hospital. The patients had a more severe progress of the disease, they had to be connected to the artificial lung ventilation during the transport.

"We are the largest medical facility in the Czech Republic, which is why we feel it's our duty to help the smaller ones. Despite the fact that our medical staff were also affected by COVID-19 and we are dealing with lack of personnel on a daily basis, we are still able to offer our capacities,"

concludes Miloslav Ludvík, the director of FH Motol.

EMS Prague doesn't rest on its laurels

It's necessary to constantly invest in health, and politicians are aware of that Therefore, when buying the new vehicle, the city didn't save any expenses. The vehicle cost four million CZK.

"According to the international rankings, Prague is one of the six safest cities in the world. This makes us very happy, but we don't want to rest on our laurels, so we're constantly investing in new equipment and technology. This year, we would like to purchase more specially adapted ambulances that could be used in cases of epidemiological infectious diseases, such as coronavirus,"

the Deputy Mayor, Petr Hlubuček, said in February this year.

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Záchranář ve Fénixu.
Záchranář ve Fénixu. Source: archiv ZZSHMP

Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

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