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The Old Town is haunted, we have witnesses! Ornella Koktová's revelation in the new episode of the Superbrokers comic book.

Prague is haunted! Koktová's revelation as the new heroine of the comic book Superbrokers!

Barbora Sirová
24.Apr 2018
1 minute to read

Ornella Koktová revealed that she has seen a ghost in her husband's, Josef Kokta's, home several times. Her story was immediately adopted by the creators of the popular comic book Supermakléř (Superbrokers), who create funny stories from the real estate environment and, based on her ghost story, they prepared a new episode.

Ornella Koktová will never forget her first night in the apartment of her boyfriend at the time, Josef Kokta. Instead of a romantic night spent in the arms of a new lover, she was haunted by a ghost in his bedroom!

The new episode of the comic book Superbrokers, based on her testimony, portrays a supernatural being similar to Golem with a dose of exaggeration. Josef Kokta's apartment has a view of a Jewish cemetery and Golem is a well-known symbol of the Prague Jewish town – in the original legend, the clay giant had to serve as a protector of local Jews against Christians.

Byt se zahradou Praha 7 - Bubeneč
Byt se zahradou Praha 7 - Bubeneč, Praha 7

In reality, however, Ornella still doesn't know what exactly scared her in the Prague apartment. She saw the silhoutte of a human figure in Josef Kokta's home several times and didn't feel good there. "It was as if someone was constantly standing behind me," she described as she told the haunting story to the Superbrokers comic book makers.

In real life, Ornella was pretty scared during one of her first nights together with Josef, but in the new comic with the distinctive title "The Jewish City," she is a cartoon heroine who becomes friends with the originally scary Golem, and slowly becomes accustomed to living with her new clay friend.

And that's precisely the magic of the Superbrokers comic – it turns scary stories into exaggeration. The creators thus draw attention to the issue with their comic book stories, but they also want to entertain.

So, in this case, watch out for ghosts in the Old Town...and if you see one, offer it some coffee and have a chat about life with it. If you become friends, it might stop haunting you!

You can read the whole "The Jewish City" episode of the Superbrokers comic series at

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