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A new concept was presented this spring which has breathed new artistic life into the legendary Praga factory which dates back to the time of the First Republic and which is situated in the heart of the industrial zone in Prague 9.

The Pragovka Art District is transforming an industrial zone into an artistic one

Eva Ledecká
04.Nov 2016
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Depo Gallery

These long-forgotten and unused premises near the Kolbenova Metro station are getting a new lease of life thanks to a unique project, the aim of which is to present to the People of Prague and the whole world not only these premises, but above all the art which is exhibited inside them.

Depo Gallery, Hall E, Machine Works (Strojovna)

Depo Gallery focuses on the young generation of artists from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other countries, with whom it develops cooperation and looks for new possibilities for presentation of art in this forgotten part of Prague.

The aim of this project is among other things to revive the cultural scene in Prague and to put it in a place where there has never been any such thing until now. Hall E is used as studios for rent. The Machine Works (Strojovna) are used as a live music venue, for electronic music festivals and other events. The hall can hold up to 4,000 people and the space also allows for its partial use.

Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m
Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m, Praha 5

Common artistic space

A common area operates here where artists can take advantage of free Wi-Fi, play board games and also participate in the various seminars and workshops which are held here. All members of Pragovka project can use this space for leisure activities and also for holding presentations or exhibitions.

White Pearl Gallery

The White Pearl Gallery is an art gallery which is also located in the former Praga industrial plant. The gallery focuses on support for resident artists from the Praga complex, as well as artists from the Czech and international art scene.

The programme contributes towards increasing awareness about the quality of contemporary visual art and about the wonderful artistic district which surrounds the gallery.


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Depo Gallery

Depo Gallery
PRAGOVKA Kolbenova 923/34A 190 00 Praha 9
+420 723 818 480