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The Prabal Gurung FW 2018 collection clearly belongs to those who did manage to attract attention at the New York Fashion Week.

Prabal Gurung FW 2018: Modern Luxury with Nepal Spirit

Martina Šmalclová
06.Mar 2018
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Prabal Gurung FW 2018

The young designer chose to kick off his career in the pulsing New York

The young designer, Prabal Gurung, who was born in Singapore and later grew up in the predominantly Hindu Nepal, decided to build his career in a completely different location - in the vibrant New York. That is where also takes place the production of more than 80 % of his luxury collections. The reason? The maintaining of high quality and support of local community.

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Martina Šmalclová
fashion editor
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Ornella Koktová
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Názor PROTI PROUDU: Martina Šmalclová

Just by the choice of place of production, Prabal Gurung clearly defines in which direction his luxurious collections will head. High quality, indelible style and what is in women's fashion world the so-needed sense of grace.

Vibrant colours will break up the melancholy of raw autumn days

The autumn collection is a showcase of strong colours. The bright and lively tones of knitted sweaters, skirts, dresses, as well as trousers will beautifully break up the melancholy of draughty autumn days. The luxury collection is further dominated by a maxi or midi length, which is pulled out of the ordinary by either asymmetric cuts or playful vents.

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 - 303m
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 - 303m, Praha 10

Models by Prabala Gurunga are worn by the cream of society

The Prabala Gurunga models are not worn just by anyone. His well-known clients include for example the former First Lady, Michelle Obama or Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. And that is saying something!

What to reach for and which piece would be better to be left to the enemy?

The asymmetric shimmering skirts with sequins are a luxury item to be best worn to a party. The warm woollen sweaters are so comfortable just looking at them that one cannot possibly have any objections. But whether you want to or not, what evokes an impression of pajamas is a piece worn at the end of the show by Bella Hadid. 

Martina Šmalclová

Názor PROTI PROUDU: Ornella Koktová

Bella Hadid as a sweet bonbon!

Nepalese native Prabal Gurung´s collection clearly demonstrated how harsh frosts can strike in his country. It´s all jerseys, furs and long skirts. To my mind most of it is terribly wrapped up and to sum it up I like only one model.

The best outfit was worn by the star of current catwalks, Gigi Hadid. A white sweater with fur sleeves, a pink skirt and a stylishly slung over scarf is something else at first glance. And that is the reason why it caught my attention at first glance. It reminds me a bit of the monks in Tibet, how they wear those orange coats. The pink colour which Prabal used, softened the overall impression to such a degree that Gigi looks like a sweet bonbon, and I would like that too!! An ideal choice for wintry Prague.

During the show I noticed that plus size model, Ashley Graham, appeared on the catwalk. One would think that the fashion industry is really changing. But after realising that she was practically the only woman with some curves, the whole thing seems to be just a false pose. For that reason I would definitely forget some Gurung and not support him.

Ornella Koktová
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