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No other breed of dog has a coat as original as that proudly boasted by the poodle. Take a closer look at this provocative breed and above all, the luxurious styling creations that many owners simply cannot resist.

Poodles: the fashionable dog from Africa?

Eva Ledecká
18.Oct 2017
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One of the oldest breeds, yet origin unknown

It’s true: the poodle is considered to be one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. We often find images of poodles in many bas-reliefs dating back to the beginning of our era. Because the breed is so old, it is not entirely certain where it comes from. But given its luxurious curls, it could easily be Africa, don’t you think? 

Water fowl hunter? Oh come now...

Another thing that remains uncertain is what the poodle was actually used for. Although many might believe that it was mainly decorative and served as a guinea pig for beginner hairdressers, experts believe something else. According to some, it was hunting dog specialising in water fowl hunting. Is it really possible?

Everything is possible, but one thing is certain: this dog’s main appeal is its appearance, and in the 16th Century is started being bred for increasingly sizes. The second smallest variety is the toy poodle, which served as a luxury companion for noble ladies. Because it was so small that it could fit in a sleeve, it was also called a “sleeve poodle”. In the 1950s it was actually one of the most widespread breeds on the planet.

Luxusní vila na Hanspaulce 940m
Luxusní vila na Hanspaulce 940m, Praha 6

Poodle – the master of luxury hairstyles

At present, the poodle is a dog that is neither a good guard nor a good hunter. However, it is often the highlight of dog exhibitions and a regular customer at dog salons. For dog shows, poodles’ coat is trimmed into several styles. The luxurious classic or “lion” style is the oldest of all. The most complicated is the English style. Another example is the “Baby”, and the most common is the continental style. In Germany, they are fond of the “Riding Hood” style, but there others, like the Scandinavian, West Pacific, lamb or sporty (very short) style.

Those who choose a poodle as their household pet are making a good choice. It is an intelligent and very loyal breed. It obeys and is easy to train. It likes swimming and also enjoys ball games. However, it can be rather nervous, which is expressed through unpleasant barking. In any case, with a poodle you also get a fun companion and loyal friend. 

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