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If you were to look in the animal kingdom for a species which reminds you of your favourite cuddly toy from childhood, it would probably be the luxurious Pomeranian Spitz. This is a cute, fluffy and vivacious dog. It is however able to follow commands or to be unpleasantly aggressive.

Pomeranian Spitz: when you breathe life into a cuddly toy

Eva Ledecká
14.Jun 2017
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Pomeranian Spitz

The name Pomeranian is derived from the place where the Spitz sheepdog comes from, Pomerania, although this dog was able to weigh up to 30 kilos as opposed to the famous miniature one. One hundred years have however passed since that time and the appearance of the sheepdog has changed completely.

Pomeranian Spitz
Pomeranian Spitz
Pomeranian Spitz

A vivacious, devoted, temperamental little dog

The Pomeranian is a small, cute little dog which loves life and people. It is able to lift people’s spirits, make children happy and even make people who don’t like luxury “handbag breeds” laugh with its luxurious appearance and behaviour. On the other hand, the Pomeranian is a very loyal dog and completely devoted to its owner. It reacts to any change in its territory by barking, which can sometimes be unpleasant. But other breeds should rightly be envious of its temperament.

Training certainly pays off

Although it may not seem so at first glance, this is a breed of dog which is certainly not stupid. These dogs can be trained and after thorough training are able to well understand the commands given by their master. On the contrary, if not enough attention is paid to them, their behaviour can even lead to aggressiveness.

Vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

A luxurious accessory for the interior and garden

The Pomeranian Spitz is an elegant breed which you can see not only as an entertaining partner, but also as a pleasant and lively “accessory” for your interior or garden. This is not however a cheap decoration. The price of a Pomeranian is relatively high. You can pay CZK 25,000 or more for this luxury animal and in the case of show breeds, the price is sometimes around CZK 50,000.

Relationship with cuddly toys?

Not only does the Pomeranian look like a cuddly toy, it even feels at ease when near them. You can often find them hidden away among their favourite cuddly toy friends. Could there really be something between heaven and earth which we are unable to understand?

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