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Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution that you will read more or be more creative? Start out with poetry! The Poetizer application will enable you to not only read the poems of other users, but also to create your own poetic works and share them with the world.

The Poetizer Application: Becoming a Poet

Ivana Růžičková
08.Feb 2017
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Perhaps in the future you may just become a successful author and publish your poems.

How to begin?

Just download the mobile app (for use with iOS or Android) in three different language versions: i.e. Czech, English and now, recently, also Spanish. After creating a profile under your own name or a pseudonym you can start writing poems and share them with other enthusiasts. It is also possible to search for great poetry on the basis of its popularity. For example, the most popular poem of the month, based on the number of likes that it receives, will soar to first place and subsequently it will also be shared on other social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. This application is currently used by over 8,000 users while it actually comprises more than 20,000 poems.

The Founders

The application was invented and founded by Lukáš Sedláček (the Executive Director of ELAI), who likes writing poetry but was unable to find an appropriate social network through which he could share his poems or even obtain feedback from his readers and/or other poets. The co-founder Johana Vamberská, who, together with Lukáš Sedláček, currently acts as the CEO of Poetizer, provided the impetus for the development of this application that reaps enormous success, not only in the Czech Republic but, based on its language versions, also abroad.

Online Publishing 

A luxurious Poetizer application was launched on the 21st March 2014 -i.e. on World Poetry Day - and since then it has been continuously increasing in importance. Its developmentat the Prague Startup Centre is supported by a team of ten people. Its founders’ next step is to run the application on a web interface to facilitate the comfortable writing and sharing of poems. For the future the founders are preparing another major project in the form of Online Publishing, whereby its users will be able to publish their own poems in the form of complete collections. It will be possible to upload a collection of poems via a simple configurator. Within a few days of the order having been dispatched your luxurious collection of poems will arrive at the specified address. This application is currently being translated into additional languages. The aim of Poetizer is for it to expand into other countries and thereby function as a global tool for sharing and reading poetry.

Luxusní byt na prodej, Praha 5 - 232m
Luxusní byt na prodej, Praha 5 - 232m, Praha 5

Do not hesitate for a moment and start enjoying luxurious entertainment right away. Simply download the application and share your poetry right away.

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