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The industrial space of the Fait Gallery in Brno will host one of the mot deluxe social events, not only in the Moravian metropolis, but in the Czech Republic, for the eighth time on 26 January 2019.

Ples jako Brno (Brno Ball) will be full of present-day and historic celebrities (26 January 2019)

Eva Ledecká
19.Nov 2018
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Brno Ball and celebrities

The eighth Brno Ball will be deluxe once again!

The ball will be held in the spirit of important celebrities and not just those who will be attending as guests. This event will primarily be a celebration of all those who influenced the present-day appearance of Brno. The organisers had special tickets made bearing the names of 4 important factory-owning families, who are linked to the history of Brno.

Although well-known Czech show business celebrities attend the ball every year, this year will be in celebration of celebrities of a slightly different type.

4 important celebrities, 4 deluxe buildings!

The four categories of ticket bear the names Bauer, Wannieck, Stiassni and Tugendhat and are already for sale!

All four of the above-mentioned factory-owning families left their mark in Brno - in the form of well-known buildings. Viktor Bauer was a well-known sugar-refinery owner and he donated his land in Pisárky to the city so that the Brno Fair Grounds could be built there. Textile factory owners Fritz Tugendhat and Alfred Stiassne are linked to magnificent villas of a timeless design, which they were only able to enjoy for a little while before the German occupation. However, the buildings remain the architectural pride and joy of the city.

Brno native Friedrich Wannieck established a modern machine-works on Trnitá Street when he was twenty-seven years old. The complex, which was devastated as a result of troubling fates, was luckily saved. An amazing space was created here as a result of complex renovation work and this is where the Brno Ball will be held!

Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 8
Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 8, Praha 8

In perfect luxury at least once a year!

The Brno Ball is a prestigious gala evening, which originated at the initiative of successful restaurant owner Tomáš Pakosta and PR specialist Bedřich Snášel. They had a clear concept: to offer visitors a deluxe evening with everything this entails. Pleasant hostesses take care of the guests the entire evening and there are sommeliers, baristas and barmen available at the tables. Gourmet specialities prepared on site are served until the morning hours and real champagne is a matter of course.

“We raise our bar higher and higher every year and then we surpass ourselves once more a year later. We know that when this year is a success, the next year will be a little more difficult,” Tomáš Pakosta smiles.

The ball also has a charitable aspect, it includes a charity auction and the money this yields goes to the “Pro dětský smích” endowment fund. And what is more, the organisers donate the flowers and left-over delicacies to various shelters. The Taťána Kuchařová Beauty Helps foundation, which takes care of seniors, will be involved for the first time during the eighth year of this ball.

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