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They went to the faraway Brno to show off their luxurious gowns and to enjoy the magical atmosphere of one of the most beautiful balls in the country. The time has come for Móda proti proudu to review their outfits!

Ples jako Brno: Borhyová was the star of the night, Vignerová showed she’s got style

Martina Šmalclová
27.Jan 2019
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6 minutes
Special section
Lucie Borhyová - šaty Petra Brzková

Famous people under magnifying glass

We evaluate the wardrobe from Ples jako Brno with true zest! Why? Because famous people finally understood that a special event demands tasteful elegance and this was done, apart from a few exceptions, with grace.

Who did Fashion Upstream focus on this time? Lucie Borhyová, Sandra Parmová, Jana Doleželová, Beata Rajská, Eva Decastelo, Aneta Vignerová, Gabriela Lašková, Monika Leová, Dominika Mesarošová and Nela Slováková.

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Martina Šmalclová
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Ornella Koktová
Móda proti proudu

Názor PROTI PROUDU: Martina Šmalclová

Lucie Borhyová: Beautiful dress, but careful with the jewellery!

The radiant presenter Lucie Borhyová attends this kind of events rather sporadically compared to other colleagues. But when she goes, she belongs to the stars of the night. It was no different at the Ples jako Brno. Dress by Petra Brzková combines high gloss with luxurious shades and distinctive embellishments and they are a beautiful piece of wardrobe. Next time choose simpler earrings, and the result will be a number one!

Stylish beauty Aneta Vignerová

Aneta Vignerová is one of a few models who truly understand fashion. She decided to go against the flow and instead of a luxurious and pompous gown, she wore a costume tailored by Bernhardt Fashion. She added a black clutch and simple jewellery. Perfection!

Sandra Parmová: Flawless from head to toe

We are excited about Sandra Parmová’s red dress made by Gábina Pátralová! Perfectly fitting cut, beautiful material and even the colour suit the host very well. We appreciate the make-up and the hairstyle, both taken care of by the make-up artist Nikola Chrástová.

Jana Doleželová: Stylist on the horizon?!

The congenial Jana Doleželová placed a bet on the designer Petra Pilařová and she made the right choice. Corset dress in wine red colour suits her perfectly and the chosen accessories are also flawless. Has Jana found a stylist?!

Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem
Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem, Praha 1

Lašková and Leová know how to do it

Each of the two presenters chose a different type of dress, colour and designer and yet both perfectly met the dress code. Gabriela Lašková wore a black gown by Beata Rajská with distinctive embellishments in the chest area. Monika Leová placed her bet on minimalistic blue gown from Fashion Church, to which she chose beautiful jewellery and accessories.

Beata Rajská: Designer for herself

The popular designer wore a gown from her own boutique and we’re not going to lie, we have seen better pieces. There is too much gloss, too many frills and just too much of everything…

Nela Slováková: Cleavage calling for help

Nela Slováková chose for the ball a gown by Zuzana Lešák Černá. It is very luxurious at the first sight, but at the same time, it appears very shallow due to the bountiful cleavage and see-through fabrics. We would also choose a different shade of the dress for the tanned skin. This didn’t work!

Dominika Mesarošová: Again and better!

The new mum Dominika Mesarošová also attended the Ples jako Brno and motherhood looks amazing on her! However, we are not as excited about her outfit made out of red clutch, red high heels and dress from the boutique GREY fashion concept store. Actually not excited at all. So next time try again and better…

The odd one out at the ball: Eva Decastelo

If we had to choose the odd one out at the whole ball, it would be Eva Decastelo. The gown by Michal Marek does have beautiful back, but from the front it doesn’t flatter the presenter’s figure very much.

Martina Šmalclová

Názor PROTI PROUDU: Ornella Koktová

Ples jako Brno has been in the past for few hours already, so the time has come for the Fashion Upstream!

Lucie Borhyová – Shining star

A pearl amongst all. I have to admit that Lucie was undeniably the best dressed celebrity of the ball. The elegant pearly gown by Petra Brzáková was embellished just enough and perfectly matched with the famous smile of this beauty. The make-up and hairstyle are also number one. Next time, I would just choose more expensive jewellery that would be more sophisticated. Because this seems like heavy bijou.

Gown: 86 % Make-up and hair: 90 %

Sandra Parmová – Hide and seek

Another news star Sandra arrived in a simple red one-shoulder dress. That was quite a big surprise after having spammed her Instagram profile with new breast implants. I would have expected at least smaller cleavage, which would be definitely infinitely more interesting than this boredom. Not even speaking of the atrocious black clutch that wasn’t appropriate for a ball and seemed like a bigger shabby wallet… Her partner’s golden suit by Blažek.

Gown: 40 % Make-up and hairstyle: 70 %

Jana Doležalová – Surprise of the night

After a long time, we could meet the famous pharmacist Jana Doležalová. She finally pulled herself together and didn’t look like a walking wreck just before exhaustion. Jana looked fresh to me now, so I’m guessing it was a 12hour long sleep and at least two visits to a luxurious spa. And that’s how it should be. Her dress by Petra Pilařová fit like a glove and she looked absolutely stunning in it! Overall it earns a big praise from me. The only thing I would get rid of in this outfit is the bolero jacket, but that is really only a detail.

Gown: 85 % Make-up and hairstyle: 90 %

Beata Rajská – The shoemaker’s children

One of our prominent designers Beata Rajská didn’t really hit the jackpot this time, in my opinion. It seems to me as “The shoemaker’s children go barefoot”. So many beautiful gowns and suddenly we see Beáta in this inflated pink bubble. No, no….this isn’t a style that would flatter her. So from me it is really a one big “NO”.

Dress: 30 % Make-up and hairstyle: 50 %

Eva Decastelo – Unexpected cover-up

I love Eva so much, her figure has gone through a big change in the last year and she became a sex symbol again, and it’s well deserved. And maybe that was a reason too, why her choice of gown by Michal Marek shocked me. See-through lace is alright, showing-off the legs too, but what about the cleavage? Absolutely unhappy choice, all covered-up, and it seems to me like it doesn’t suit her in size or cut. Unfortunately, it cast a shadow on her, because she had the potential to be the sexiest star of the night. So next time, watch the work of the seamstress.

Gown: 65 % Make-up and hairstyle: 89 %

Nela Slováková – Half-strangled silicones

I was not surprised by the choice of half-nakedness of Nela as the self-called “queen of Brno’s meadows and groves”. Unfortunately, her dress by Zuzana Lešák Černá is an absolute copy of a dress from the Pronovias Wedding 2014 collection. This 5-years-old trend might be more than enough for Brno, but as this review comes from Prague, benevolence is out of question. So even if I overlook all these plagiaristic practices, the sophistication of the cut itself comes in the way anyway. I will need only a few words for this: smashed silicones are not really the most pleasant sight.

Gown: 20 % Make-up and hairstyle: 49 %

Jana Slováková – Joke of the night

Although she doesn’t belong among famous people, she will work in my review as a deterrent example of the night. Cheaply-looking lace overalls with white train and pumps. That’s all wrong. Not only this was worn by a woman of a certain age, which demands at least a bit of elegance, but also the whole design seems as a costume for performers in god knows where. And for a ball? Maybe for a local disco…

Gown: 0 % Make-up and hair: 67 %

Monika Leová – Flair in the main role

On the other hand, beautiful Monika Leová is exactly the type of a woman who knows perfectly well what suits her and what fits the occasion. Her choice from Fashion Church is perfect. The dark blue gown fit her flawlessly, the accessories in the form of glittering earrings and clutch were enough and the sleek hairstyle upgraded the whole look. So, ladies… This is how you come to a ball.

Gown: 84 % Make-up and hairstyle: 97 %

Dominika Mesárošová – Mummy of the evening

The new mother Dominika arrived to the ball in a surprisingly tight-fitting dress from the GREY shop. I like the combination of green patina with deep red. What I don’t like here though is the choice of dark Valentino pumps. Although I personally think that a different type of dress would fit Dominika more, I appreciate the effort to be sexy so soon after giving birth. And most of all, I enjoy her happy smile and energy that was literally spouting out of her…that is the best anyway!

Gown: 67 % Make-up and hairstyle: 80 %

Gabriela Lašková – Seriousness squared

And finally we have another mummy, this time the news presenter Gábina. She wore a black gown with lace over her shoulders that would perfectly fit its creator Beata Rajská. These two should have switched their gowns before the beginning of the ball. Because this black seriousness makes a young-looking old lady out of Gábina. And that is a shame for such a beautiful young woman.

Gown: 68 % Make-up and hairstyle: 83 %

Ornella Koktová
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