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Ples jako Brno 2018 is the event of the year, kick-starting ball season.

Ples jako Brno 2018: Luxury gowns, gourmet food and famous faces

Jana Fikotová
28.Jan 2018
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The traditional Ples jako Brno marked the opening of ball season on Saturday, 27 January at the Fait Gallery in Brno. Presenters such as Gabriela Partyšová, Gabriela Lašková and Iva Kubelková paraded along the red carpet. The packed programme full of surprises was complemented by a performance by Kryštof with Richard Krajčo. A luxurious catering experience was of course also provided. 

An evening full of star performers

Around six hundred and fifty guests were able to take a look inside the Fait Gallery. Ples jako Brno attracted many a famous face. The whole evening was, as is the tradition, hosted by Libor Bouček. Several amazing artists took to the stage during the course of the programme, ranging from Ondřej Gregor Brzobohatý through to the singer Kristína (Kristína Peláková). The star of the evening was Danyl Johnson, the famous British singer from the X Factor. Richard Krajčo from Kryštof also performed at the ball. He was accompanied with luxurious elegance by the unique Gustav Brom Big Band. 

“Whatever anybody else says, Ples jako Brno represents luxury to me, beauty, professionalism and the essence of ball season,” admitted Bouček.

A lot of fans of dancing, beautiful women, luxury cars and lovers of great food looked forward to this unique event in the second largest city in the country.

“The ball is the number one event for us and we know that we have to use the very best people we have for it. Only in that way can we ensure a truly exclusive level of catering,” explained the co-owner of Valoria Catering Milan Pecina.

And he even divulged a few of the items from the varied ball menu: guests were able to enjoy grilled octopus, tiger prawns, monkfish, genuine foie gras, veal ribs and beef tenderloin marinated in smoked oil.

Food and money for a good cause 

Chefs prepared all of the dishes right before the very eyes of the guests and food was available until the very end of the ball, i.e. long after midnight. “We will be taking whatever is left to give to the mothers living in the St. Marketa shelter for mothers and children,” says Ludmila Bušová, production manager for the ball.
Money collected during the charity auction will be going to six specific children who asked the “Pro dětský smích” endowment fund for help. A sum of more than a million crowns was collected last year. It still remains to be seen whether this record will be broken this year too.

Vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

Beautiful ladies in luxurious gowns

An exceptional event deserves exceptional clothing. The dress code was clear: “Black Tie”. So the men wore dinner jackets, a white shirt and a bowtie and the women wore luxurious full-length gowns. Gabriela Partyšová knows a thing or two about that, never missing an opportunity to put on a beautiful gown. This time, she chose a green gown by the Czech fashion designer Tereza Sabáčková. She was accompanied not by her husband, but by her sister.

Gabriela Lašková also took advantage of her last free moments of sleep and parties before the birth of her child, choosing a dress by the designer Beata Rajská. A beautiful luxurious gown was also worn by Iva Kubelková who accessorised with an interesting handbag.

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