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The motto of one of the most influential and most successful Dutch designers, Richard Hutten, is: "Traditional design is about the solution to a problem. I don´t deal with problems, I create possibilities."

Playful Dutch design of Richard Hutten

Eva Ledecká
01.Mar 2018
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His design is very modern, playful and original. Playfulness is one of the most important aspects of his work which contributes to perception of games as part of culture. By the positioning of even just one of his luxury pieces into the interior, you elevate the entire space to a new, very positively tuned level. He is an innovator that pushes the boundaries of design further still. While this is a frequently used phrase which turned into a cliché, in the case of Richard Hutten this is in fact the truth.   

Richard Hutten was born in the Netherlands in 1967 and in 1991 he graduated from the Academy of Design in Eindhoven. The same year he established his own studio in which he creates designs of interiors and luxurious residential accessories. Many of his pieces found their place in more than 40 prestigious museums around the world (such as the MoMA New York, Victoria & Albert Museum London, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Design Museum London).

The unique creations of this award-winning designer could also be seen at the Prague Designblok 2018. 

Prodej luxusního bytu, Praha 1 - Nové Město
Prodej luxusního bytu, Praha 1 - Nové Město, Praha 1

Droog Design and Gispen Hollands join forces to create luxury work

Richard Hutten is one of the members of Droog, a conceptual Dutch design company that works with individual designers, inter alia also on the carrying out of product projects and exhibitions. In Dutch, "Droog" means "dry", a word representing the dry humour of the design of the various articles. Droog Design was established in 1993, now has its head office in Amsterdam, a store in Soho in New York; among other places, Droog Design exhibited also in the luxurious Museum of Arts & Design in New York; and in 2004 a book was published, Simply Droog: 10+1 years of innovations and discussions.

Since 2008 Richard Hutten has been art director of Gispen, which is the second largest and most famous brand of luxury design furniture with an almost hundred-year-old history.

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