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You don’t have to look for a place where you feel like in heaven in exotic countries or in pompous districts in luxurious resorts. It can be found in your neighbourhood. We found it in a Prague centre in the salon of Petra Měchurová.

A Place Where Women Feel Like in Heaven? We Found it at Petra Měchurová’s Salon!

Eva Ledecká
23.Oct 2018
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Petra Měchurová

Petra Měchurová is a star in her industry, the first hairdresser in the world to receive the AIPP Grand Trophy international hairdressing award. That's why the visit of her salon that bears her name is a very uplifting experience. It's a bit like entering a different reality. The one that you will not want to leave! Why is it? We asked the person who attend the salon personally, our business manager.

"A perfect look belongs to my profession as a lifestyle magazine business manager."

"I always cared about my hair and believe me when I say that I had to try many Prague salons. Petra Měchurová's salon immediately became my favourite and I do not want to try anything else!

As soon as you enter, everyone smiles at you. A young lady or a young man takes your coat and offers you coffee or tea. Your personal hairdresser, in my case, Michal, doesn’t let you wait long and even if he still works with a client in front of me, he always welcomes me with a smile.

Byt s výhledem na Prahu - Karlín - 308m
Byt s výhledem na Prahu - Karlín - 308m, Praha 8

As far as care is concerned, the washing with massage is amazing! I have new short hair now and I really care about the style. My cut is now so perfect that I don’t have to style it and I still look, yes, I dare say it, GREAT! :) "

We asked Petra Měchurová directly about the spell of her salon and how she earned such a great rating.

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Women leave your salon full of energy. What is the miracle that you "serve" here?

I dare say that women get a cut that suits them. My dream is to make everyone happier. Take care of the soul and the body. I believe that the client is leaving with this feeling.

How important do you think it is for a woman to let someone take care of her?

Everybody wants to feel better, to feel prettier. It makes them more satisfied and their positive energy radiates to their surroundings. Everything then works better in work and in private life. It is not just a vanity.

How important it is for a hairdresser to know their client?

Beautiful haircut has to "fit" the features of the face, hair type, figure, but also to emphasize the client’s personality. Everything is based on good observation and communication. So it's not enough for a hairdresser to know their way around with scissors. Without that "psychological" part it is not working. It is important to find yourself, and that is best done with the help of a skilled, stylish hairdresser.

Where do you get inspired for new hairstyles?

Inspiration is all around us. On the road, on social networks, in the salon in our team. Modified photos or videos show high goals for the hairdresser and increase the demands of clients. And that's good, we have to keep improving our hands, going forward, wanting to make beautiful things, getting better.

It seems to us that in the salon of Petra Měchurová the golden Czech hands have already reached their perfection. Next time, when we feel that nothing suits us, we don’t have anything to wear and we look worn out, we know where to go. And that's definitely good to know!

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Salon Petry Měchurové
Králodvorská 1085/12 110 00 Praha Česká republika
224 222 442