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According to the Chinese calendar, the dog will pass the baton to the pig on the 5th of February. We bring unique curiosities from the world of film, public figures and art in connection with the piggy.

Pig, on set! Get ready, the Chinese year of the pig is here...

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04.Feb 2019
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While many might think of the pig only as a symbol of disorder, lack of beauty and to be an inferior animal pent up somewhere on a farm, we think that it’s very cute! And that is also the opinion of film makers. The proof of that are these 5 films, in which a pig had an adorable leading role.

Pig Babe
Jak dostat tatínka do polepšovny
Slavnosti sněženek

1.The film ‘Babe’ (1995)

The American movie production business didn’t stay behind. It came up with an entertaining comedy, in which the actor-played scenes are combined with the animated ones. It is an adaptation of the popular children’s book, and it was met with much success in the world – including 7 nominations for an Oscar. The pig has a clear goal, to not end up on a skillet, and to fulfil its dream, to become a sheepdog. It puts all of its efforts to this end.

2. Jak dostat tatínka do polepšovny (1978)

In this film (‘How to get dad into a madhouse’), The pig Pepa appeared in the role of a pet, which brings joy mostly to the child. The crazy but ‘righteous’ grandpa, is the grandpa to wish for in this movie, and he doesn’t hesitate to give his grandchild a pig or dress himself up as a water gremlin. The film is the work of the director Marie Poledňáková, and stars such as, Jana Preissová, Tomáš Holý, František Němec, Vlastimil Harapes and others appear in the movie.

Byt s výhledem na Prahu - Karlín - 308m
Byt s výhledem na Prahu - Karlín - 308m, Praha 8

3. Slavnosti sněženek (1983)

Who could forget the legendary dispute between the game-keeping associations and the hog that was shot when it ran into the school. ‘With rosehip sauce! With cabbage!’ That’s how the game keepers kept arguing in the famous film of the writer Bohumil Hrabal, Slavnosti Sněženek (The Snowdrop Festival). Did you know the pig got a better salary back then than the actor Hrušinský himself? Did you also know that it was cuddly, and wasn’t afraid of people at all? A great superstar as it should be.

And what is your favourite movie with a pig?

We wish that the year of the pig will be an exceptional one for you!

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