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In modern life, collecting statues, vases or paintings seems commonplace. However, the historical and artistic value hidden in immovable monuments can be viewed in a similar way.

A piece of history you can own

Jana Vápeníková
04.Oct 2016
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Architectural gems across the centuries can become your luxury investment - not just a financial one.

Art as a bridge between the past and the present

Owning an apartment in a historically significant house in the center of Prague designed by a renowned architect - that's more than just a good investment. Such a property represents a message from our ancestors to the next generations, and you can become its keeper. A specific location or splendid architecture are not the only things that can give a building this meaning; it is also the uniqueness of a certain personality. If famous personalities - painters, writers and other significant representatives of public and cultural life of their time - lived and worked on such a premise, a touch of their uniqueness must have imprinted itself on it, thereby helping to create the genius loci of the location.

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 9 - 123m
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 9 - 123m, Praha 9

Silent witnesses of love dramas

There are many beautiful residential locations in the historical center of Prague: Neo-Renaissance, Classicist or Art Nouveau houses, bright, very spacious, with great views of the river or the whole city, close to beautiful cultural sites such as the Charles Bridge, within easy reach of picturesque cafés and luxury restaurants or galleries.

No wonder that even the greatest Czech thinkers and artists of their time chose to live in these locations. Thanks to that, we can now touch something less tangible, but all the more valuable and exceptional than the beauty of the interior itself at these premises - a certain imprint in the space these geniuses inhabited. Remarkable literary works, sculptures or paintings were created here and the places also witnessed many interesting personal meetings, love dramas or the beginnings of great friendships.

Even today, it is not difficult to follow the footsteps of world-famous painters, architects, writers and other members of the cultural elite of their time through the streets of Prague. The 19th and 20th centuries were especially generous with regard to important personalities connected with the Czech capital. For example, Max Brod - a writer and translator who contributed to the publication of Franz Kafka's literary estate - was born in Haštalská Street. Kafka himself is connected with several places in Prague: he was born in U Radnice Street, lived and created his works in the Marketplace as well as in the Golden Lane in Hradčany, where he wrote the collection of short stories "A Country Doctor". The famous "Christian", actor Oldřich Nový, lived in Maiselova Street and practically never left the place in his last ten years.

Byt Praha 1 - 386m
Byt Praha 1 - 386m, Praha 1

Private villas as the most exclusive living

Prague also attracted other famous names: actress Lída Baarová was born in Ovenecká Street in Letná, but during her life she moved to a luxury villa in Hanspaulka, designed by architect Ladislav Žák. Luxury villas represent a separate category in the real estate segment. Previously, villas used to be built to order, and therefore designed especially to suit the needs of people who had not only money, but usually also a certain aesthetic sensitiviy and an appreciation for beauty, often famous "cultural" personalities. And they invited equally famous architects to help realize their plans. A unique combination of wishes and ideas was born out of this cooperation, the results of which we can still admire today in the form of immaculate archtitectural shapes. We can name the great urban planner, architect, architecture theoretician, painter and furniture designer Jan Kotěra as an example. He left indelible marks in many Prague locations, including Peterka's House on the Wenceslas Square, Trmal's Villa, Kraus's Villa in Bubeneč or his own house, Kotěra's Villa in Vinohrady.

Today, luxury living in the historic center of Prague is an expression of high social prestige and a great investment opportunity with maximum added value. Therefore, if you long to live in a great location, in a beautiful house that is simultaneously truly unique, you can use the chance to become the proud owner of a house, villa or apartment crowned with the glory of one of the names of our cultural elite.

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