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Starring fabulous flowing dresses in the most breathtaking locations

Photographer takes pictures of dresses to make them match nature! Her photos are breathtaking...

Mgr. Jana Höger
14.Nov 2019
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Fotografka Kristina Makeeva

Russian photographer Kristina Makeeva can literally cast magic with her camera. Those who enjoy fantastic natural scenery or luxury fashion will love her work. Feast your eyes on her immense talent and refined style!

The definition of perfection, ethereal beauty and the magic of the moment in its presentation

Kristina Makeeva from Moscow got her first camera at the age of 16. She hasn't put it down ever since. The photographer is known to be a great traveling enthusiast. She travels all over the world, visiting some of the most beautiful places out there that breathe with a special kind of magic that will make your head swim. Her basic rule is that the models be dressed in impressive luxury robes that dazzle the eyes. The combination of unique patterns and fabrics and her attention to detail gives rise to fantasy images suffused with magic.

"Dresses and fluttering fabrics are definitely art in themselves. Combined with traveling and exotic locations, it becomes a whole new world in which I feel happy,"

says the photographer from Moscow about her project.

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Foto Kristina Makeeva, série Portréty
Foto Kristina Makeeva, série PortrétySource:

Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m
Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m, Praha 5

Let us share a little secret with you

Are you wondering where exclusive clothes comes from? The photographer obtains the dresses in various ways. Sometimes she uses items from her own closet, at other times they come from a clothes rental, sometimes they are provided by designers or made to order. And every now and then it's just a piece of fabric wrapped around the model.

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Foto Kristina Makeeva, katedrála
Foto Kristina Makeeva, katedrálaSource:

Luxusní hotelSource:

The photographs are heavy with emotion

Our personal favorite is the series called simple magical things, which abounds with beautiful simplicity. There are magic balls, bubbles, sunlight, mirrors, smoke, cat, cup of tea. Whether it captures fascinating patterns in the frozen depths of Lake Baikal or genius loci of the most amazing locations in Paris, one thing is always treu: the photograph evokse emotions. Her series focused on pure beauty of nature is also stunning, as well as series called Moscow.

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Paříž a Kristina Makeeva
Paříž a Kristina MakeevaSource:

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