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The phenomenon of ´Grid Girls´, charming women who represent a luxurious jewel of every motor race continues. The connection of adrenalin, beautiful ladies and formulas is luxury in itself. It would be a pity to stop this tradition! Or do you think otherwise?

The Phenomenon of ´Grid Girls´ Continues: Women are Inseparably Associated with Formulas!

Mgr. Jana Höger
03.May 2018
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Grid Girls

What is the charm of Grid Girls?

Beautiful women must of course comply with the most stringent rules that are very strict indeed. Their role is to represent, encourage the audience; they are a luxurious ornament of the winners who show of their pride with the star models. They also perform tasks relating to the race itself. They hold the signs, carry name tags, or also hold an umbrella over the driver´s head.

We were supposed to say goodbye to these beauties at the start. In the end it will be otherwise!

The management of Formula 1 in cooperation with the International Automobile Federation (FIA), who was very likely influenced by the campaign #MeToo, stated that it withdraws from its intention to present feminine beauty at its races. You do not need to be sad, everything is beginning to change. This year we are all anticipating the outcome. Monaco appears to have obtained an exception. Grid Girls returns!

Grid Girls from Vettel
Grid Girls
Grid Girls

Rosa Ogawa as a ´Grid Girl´ stellar pioneer

The tradition of ´Grid Girls´ goes back to the 1960s. The phenomenal supermodel and pioneer here was Rosa Ogawa, who was associated with the music world. She became famous not just through the advertising campaign for the Japanese refinery Cosmo Oil, but she stunned the world through her beauty and the courage to get ahead. To this end she was aided by being married to a Toyota pilot, Kawaia Minora. Rosa Ogawa wore a dress of traditional style. Beauty of women was thus teamed up with the strongest of engines. Subsequently the companies realised what a strong positive response this received in the world of formulas and the phenomenon was born. It spread - how else- like lightning. The connection of wealth, dangerous speed, adrenaline and the most beautiful women contributed to the gradually increasing popularity of F1 worldwide.

1970s in the spirit of close-fitting luxurious materials - less fabric, more leather

During the 1970s the clothing of Grid Girls F1 changed significantly. It refrained from the more traditional, conservative style of clothing. The traditional festive dress was replaced by elastic materials, in order to make the most of the female body, a trend still valid to this day. The audiences as well as drivers are therefore provided with luxury experience of fast driving as well as more than pleasant spectacle of graceful female curves.

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 - 303m
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 - 303m, Praha 10
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