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Dogs often provide inspiration for many fashion designers and designers of luxury accessories. This holds true all the more now as we are entering the Chinese Year of the Dog. If you don’t really want an item with “any old dog”, but want it to be “your dog”, your wish could come true.

PesPotěší: your very own dog as the template for an original design!

Eva Ledecká
16.Feb 2018
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Luxurious accessories with your dog

Luxury designer goods with precisely your dog are offered by the PesPotěší brand, which was established by Tereza Kupková and Tomáš Bořil, the owners of two beautiful dogs. Just like them, you too can now for example have a comfortable cushion made, a notebook, keyring or a picture with an illustration of your canine friend. 

How did it all start?

The founders of the PesPotěší brand have a Boston Terrier and a Pharaoh Hound at home, which were still quite unusual breeds two years ago.

“Because me and my boyfriend are mad about dogs and we love things with our dogs on them, we discovered that our breeds represent a huge gap in the market,” says Tereza, talking about how things all began.

After discovering that once they had found the item in question, the quality was “made in China”, they decided to start their own e-shop with a unique offer.

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 9 - 123m
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 9 - 123m, Praha 9

Tereza studied graphic design and her luxury designs in a playful style express the character of the breed in question. On the basis of the photographs you send in, she can create a design for any dog, even a mongrel. Apart from this, the e-shop has a permanent range including only those does which they know in person.

“They are dogs with a name, with a story. Four-legged friends owned by family, friends, people from work or which live in the neighborhood which you can meet in the park.”

Also testament to the fact that they are serious about dogs is their sending some of their profits to support the “Ne množírnám!” project which fights against the practice of breeding dogs for profit only. They also participate in charity auctions for the “Galgo v nouzi” project which helps retired greyhounds which are often faced with a rather unpleasant fate.

Original design and high-quality products

The PesPotěší brand uses only small-scale Czech manufacturers for its base materials, so what you get is a luxuriously crafted, original designer item made by dog-lovers. This means you can buy something nice for your child, a friend, partner or for yourself.

If you come up with an idea for a special product which is not offered by PesPotěší, all is not lost. Everything can be arranged and they certainly will try to accommodate your requirements! This means that you can basically have any luxury item you want with a portrait of your dog on it!

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