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Flats on the ground floor need no longer by any means be undesirable. On the contrary, there is great demand for them, this being when they provide their owners the huge advantage of offering a private garden.

The perfect place to live: flats in Prague with a garden

Eva Ledecká
18.Mar 2017
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Flats with a garden are the ideal solution for all those who want to live in the city, have their own plot of land and at the same time avoid the worries associated with ownership of a house. There are luxury flats in Prague with a little bit of greenery in the most lucrative of locations. Have a look with us at a few examples of how you can make your dream of the ideal housing come true with luxury flats in Prague. 

Bydlení ve Vokovicích
Soukromá zahrada na Břevnově
Bydlení se zahradou na Smíchově

The unique charisma of Břevnov

You will for example feel the perfect freedom in this spacious flat in Břevnov with a private garden which you access from the kitchen. Thanks to this, the flat thus gains a luxurious new dimension providing a great deal of light and the possibility of holding summer feasts in the open air. Břevnov is also a place which has an amazing charisma and another great advantage of which is the option of taking beautiful long walks. You can easily reach beautiful locations in Prague such as Petřín or Prague Castle on foot from here.

Relaxation in a private garden in Smíchov

This modern residence in Prague 5 is located not far from the Kinský Gardens. This spacious four-room flat, ideal for a family with children, boasts access from one of the bedrooms to a luxury garden with a total area of 150 m². The garden here thus creates a luxury space where children can play safely and which is a wonderful place to comfortably relax during the summer. This popular location offers cultural, gastronomic and sports facilities.

Luxusní byt na prodej Praha 6 - 91m
Luxusní byt na prodej Praha 6 - 91m, Praha 6

Housing surrounded by greenery in Vokovice

This luxury project in Prague 6 – Vokovice offers amazing space, proximity to the centre and also a unique mix of modern and Baroque architecture. The complex of five buildings stands at the very edge of Dejvice in an oasis of calm, providing the people who live there unique and luxurious housing including that so-in-demand greenery. Having your own patio and garden is just the icing on the cake of this unrivalled housing.

Flats with a communal garden

A suitable alternative to flats with a private garden is represented by flats which allow the people living there access to a communal garden, which is mostly shared by several flats. Gardens like this represent luxurious zones of peace and quiet surrounded by greenery which only a chosen few have access to. They are located in lucrative parts of Prague such as the Old Town, the Lesser Quarter, Karlín or Libeň.

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