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Even in Prague, you can live in the country style

A perfect home near the Rokytka river valley - fun all year round guaranteed

Kristina Vacková
07.Apr 2021
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Rodina se dvěma dětmi v novém bytě

You’re happily driving your SUV, feeling the sun rays pleasantly warming the back of your head through the panoramic roof. Spring has sprung. You’re listening to mellow music and the autopilot is unmistakably leading you to a place you can proudly call home. Although the name of this city district doesn’t sound very tempting, Hrdlořezy (Cutthroats) has its undeniable charm. The charm of a piece of the countryside on the edge of the metropolis.

Děti objímají rodiče.

Suddenly, you feel the urge to empty your head for a moment. Yes, you love your family above all else, but before you plunge into the whirlpool of games and joyful voices, it would be nice to spend a while in your own company. And so you change direction right in front of your house and drive to the banks of the Rokytka river. Its meanders and the peace that surrounds you here will allow you to recharge a couple of minutes. Now you can head home! After all, soothing greenery is at your fingertips even there; you’ll even be able to see it from your window.

Luxusní penthouse na prodej Praha 9 - 146m
Luxusní penthouse na prodej Praha 9 - 146m, Praha 9

Housing for active people

You live within easy reach of the city centre, while enjoying a soothing view of the greenery from one of the two terraces. The new, modern and spacious penthouse is exactly what you have been hoping to find for yourself and your family. Luxury living in the Green City residential project in Prague's Hrdlořezy provides a comfortable home even for demanding clients, as the area has everything you need for comfortable living. And the possibilities of where to go, whether on foot or by bike! The choice is endless. You can start planning. Dreaming. Fantasising. Or educating your children, either hands-on or through play. There’s room for everything and all kinds of possibilities are but a stone’s throw away.

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Dívky cvičí jógu.
Dívky cvičí jógu.Source: Profimedia

A green place to relax just for you

Living on the top floor has its advantages - the generous apartment will offer you an amazing view and perspective. Every warm morning, when the sun's rays gently wake you up before the kids get a chance to do so, you can have breakfast with your partner amidst the romantic greenery of the surrounding hillsides - by the way, there are two luxurious terraces for you to choose from.

The dominant feature of the apartment is undoubtedly the living room with a kitchen and a dining room, which can easily serve as a study or be turned into a dance floor, a games room, an Indian village or a football pitch. The already large space can be made even larger if you open the glass wall with a French door, connecting the living room with the terrace. The impressive open space will let you forget that you’re at home or that it’s slowly getting dark outside. And just wait for when the children fall asleep! Romantic lights, hand-picked delicacies from the barbecue on the terrace, a glass of quality red wine - a night of seduction can start!

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Pár relaxuje na terase.
Pár relaxuje na terase.Source: Profimedia

Modern and tasteful materials. And dreams!

A walk through the apartment is like an excursion into the world of modern trends in luxury living. You won’t be able to keep your eyes from wandering from beautiful glass railings to the oak decor, wooden floor details or imaginative outdoor lighting. And you’ll be carried away not only by sensitively chosen materials, but also by the pleasant sounds coming from outside, adding the final touch to the overall relaxed atmosphere. Before you notice, you’ll have succumbed to daydreaming, already seeing yourself on the vacation you’ve been planning! In your mind, you’re going through all the storage spaces, putting together the camping equipment, diving equipment, ski equipment and cycling clothes for every family member. A happy smile appears on your lips…

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Maminka s dcerou si hrají.
Maminka s dcerou si hrají.Source: Profimedia

Since the apartment has undergone an unconventional reconstruction, in addition to built-in wardrobes, which perfectly correspond to the overall layout and design of the apartment, it also offers three parking spaces in underground garages and a spacious cellar where you can hide everything your children are guaranteed to never play with, but refusing to give up. You can also fit in dozens of your wife's dresses, which she has long forgotten. Or secretly stash there your motorcycle gear that you had to put to rest for a while, but you’re hoping to pull it out again one day.

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Žena s mužem odpočívají u motorky.
Žena s mužem odpočívají u motorky.Source: Profimedia

A cherry-blossom walk

Having found this place to live warms your heart every day. Your cosy home is surrounded by nature, as it lies on the very edge of the Třešňovka park, which honours its name in word and letter. Do you want to show your children how fruit trees look like? Or do you want to do something special for your wife and invite her for an early evening walk through an alley in full bloom? The sky’s the limit! Just like centuries ago, the park still offers various species of cherries. If you’ve been thinking about organizing a perfect little field trip for your children, have your little listeners sit down on a bench and teach them about history. The orchard was planted here in the period between the two world wars, and six years ago it was significantly cleared and enriched with new plantings of mostly fruit trees.

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Žena pod rozkvetlým stromem.
Žena pod rozkvetlým stromem.Source: Profimedia

Surprise them with a scavenger hunt at night

You don't even need to send your children to a summer camp! Do you want to organize a night scavenger hunt for your kids and their friends? Since many torsos of the original trees were left in Třešňovka during the restoration of the orchard, with a little imagination, you’ll find her silhouettes of witches, vampires and fiery manikins in the evening. The orchard simply has an epic atmosphere and charisma and as such, it can be a never-ending fountain of entertainment and the most natural playground. But of course, the classic, modern playgrounds with climbing frames, zip lines and a sandpit can also be found in the area.

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Chlapec leze po stromě.
Chlapec leze po stromě.Source: Profimedia

Romantic meanders of Rokytka

On weekends, you probably feel like making a longer trip, play sports, take the family out for a delicious lunch, or go cycling and stop for a beer. Rokytka once again proves to be an ideal place for all these activities, offering paths and trails of all kinds; the surfaces are perfect for cycling, walks with a stroller, morning jogging or Nordic walking.

You’re sure to return all tired from the Rokytka cycle path, but it might not be because of its length. It’s likely you’ll be stopping all the time to check out the numerous refreshment options. In addition to the Rokytka, the cycle path is also referred to as Freyova - Poděbradská - Hořejší rybník. The trail, which is over 3 kilometres long, was built on the route of a cancelled railway siding. Teach your kids a cheerful song about trains and keep pedalling in the rhythm of "cha cha cha cha choo choo train rolling down the choo choo lane”.

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Socha u Rokytky.
Socha u Rokytky.Source: Profimedia

Nutria watching

Country-style living has many beauties that those who live in the centre of Prague will never know. One of them is exploring the magic and richness of the fauna and flora just a stone’s throw away from the centre of Prague. Rokytka is home to nutria! They have been here since time immemorial, but in recent years the city district has struggled with their overpopulation, which, however, doesn’t detract from the joy of watching these cute animals. Especially in extremely cold weather and during heavy snowfall, starving nutria climb out of their burrows and accumulate in large groups near human dwellings, where they literally beg for food. After a history lesson, you now have a great opportunity to shine as an omniscient biology or science teacher. If you want to put the theory into practice, teach your children that they shouldn’t feed wild animals in nature, but show them that nutria enjoy healthy snacks such as vegetables or hard bread! The best place to find them is just upstream Rokytka, by the Kyjský pond. In addition to nutria, you can also take a closer look at ducks, which live in a friendly symbiosis with nutria and are happy to eat everything that nutria don’t care about.

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Nutrie na Rokytce.
Nutrie na Rokytce.Source: Profimedia

Break a sweat with a friend not only on the most expensive bike path in Europe

If you really want to break a sweat, leave your little ones at home. The Rokytka cycle path is a part of the long backbone of Prague's A 26 and 43 cycle routes, and it is historically the first financially and constructionally demanding Prague cycle path. As Jaroslav Martínek, the national cycling coordinator from the Transport Research Center, said in a radio interview, "taking into account the price for a kilometre, this trail is the most expensive cycling path in Europe."

“What does a good address mean? A good address is not the opposite of a bad address, but selfishness. It goes far deeper. We all have distorted ideas about lifestyle. Our Western culture would like to measure everything. Count everything. But it doesn't ask how to define an experience at all. How would you define grief? When you ride a bike, instead of a car, it’s a kind of experience. Either you have this in you or you don't, and you don't even know how it works. It's the same with a good address,"

Jaroslav Martínek says about cycling.

And Hrdlořezy, with everything they have to offer not only to cyclists, is certainly a good address.

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Pár jede na kole lesem.
Pár jede na kole lesem.Source: Profimedia

Everything within reach

If you happen to forget to buy something, no problem. You’d be able to find the way from home to the nearby shop even with your eyes closed - after all, you go there each time you run out of something, finish your last bottle of wine on the terrace, or need to bribe your kids with sweets so that they'd go to bed.

The post office, the bank, the polyclinic and other medical facilities, sports clubs, schools and kindergartens - including the Waldorf Kindergarten in Jarov and elementary art schools - as well as the Metropolitan University are all within easy reach. Moreover, there are also the Higher Police School and the Secondary Police School of the Ministry of the Interior. If you don’t want them to, your children never really have to fly out of the nest here - from the nursery to the university, they can do it all in Hrdlořezy!

"I will continue in our collective effort to improve the daily lives of the city's inhabitants. We have set up a long-term development concept, we are waiting for the construction of the U Elektry Primary School and Kindergarten or the reconstruction of the U Brabců inn,”

added the new mayor of the City District of Prague 9, Tomáš Portlík.

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Žena s dětmi v parku.
Žena s dětmi v parku.Source: Profimedia

You’ll get to the metro in 15 minutes. Safely.

In case you actually need to travel somewhere farther for education or any other purpose, it won’t be a problem. The Prague city centre is easily accessible by a direct tram connection, as well as by car and metro (station Palmovka, line B).

In short, Hrdlořezy is a good address, despite the suspicious name. Contrary to popular thought, it originally referred not to a village of murderers, but rather bandits, hoodlums and thugs, known as "cutthroats" back then. However, these rumors were mainly spread by local innkeepers so that people would buy a room for the night in hopes of protecting themselves from the danger that awaited them outside, letting the inn earn more money.

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Talíř plný sýrů.
Talíř plný sýrů.Source: Profimedia

Much more than a "beer tour"

Even today, many establishments befitting any occasion are fighting for the favour of the locals (and tourists).

One of the most stylish ones is the Břežanka restaurant, tucked in the greenery near Rokytka, which is popular with both members of the Spartak Hrdlořezy sports club and the general public. Moms with strollers also love to stop here for a moment of peace, since the restaurant offer’s a playroom as well as an outdoor garden where BBQs are often held. There is also an outdoor fireplace nearby.

Fans of the golden draft will be excited about the Malešice microbrewery with classic Czech cuisine and a family atmosphere, which adds the final touch to the local ambience. In addition to the Malešice original brews, you can taste here an interesting selection of tap beers from Czech as well as foreign breweries. For those who like a real delicacy, the brewery has its own smokehouse, producing special dishes for guests to enjoy in the summer garden, which often hosts cultural events such as beer tasting evenings, readings or travel screenings.

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Žena pije víno.
Žena pije víno.Source: Profimedia

If you feel like having a glass of wine or want to enjoy a more opulent evening, head to the Baroque Restaurant, which specializes in Czech and international cuisine.

The fame of the legendary restaurant Půda goes far beyond the borders of the district. It is built in the style of a hundred-year-old country house, whose interior uses authentic material from an old watermill from 1914. You can enjoy here traditional Czech cuisines, such as potato soup, roast meat or fish. The two-storey restaurant also offers a playroom, but children are usually equally excited about the unique interior.

The Malešická tvrz restaurant offers ready-made dishes and a lava grill. Even here, informal seating is complemented by a large outdoor garden, where musical performances take place on a regular basis.

Luxusní penthouse na prodej Praha 9 - 146m
Luxusní penthouse na prodej Praha 9 - 146m, Praha 9

Trapped in an alehouse…

Whether you want to go out for a festive lunch or just stop for a beer while on a cycling trip, Hrdlořezy offers many attractions. History speaks of an interesting alehouse from the early 16th century, built on both sides of the original road leading to Hrdlořezy. The road passed through the tavern, which was fitted with a gate on both sides. In case of danger, the gate could be closed, terminating the road and providing safety for the coachmen. In addition to the alehouse, the inn also offered rooms, horse stables and sheds for merchant wagons.

In the olden times, there was a bell tower on the village square in the middle of Hrdlořezy. There’s nothing left of it now; it was replaced by modern houses. The bell, which survived several wars, has recently been stolen by metal collectors. Otherwise, this Prague district offers excellent, modern, and especially educational housing that develops the imagination and knowledge of your children and your own imagination today. Enjoy stylish living with a touch of history!

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