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The individuals that caught our attention the most in 2020.

The people who ruled 2020: A cheerful chef, a popular politician, and a heroine who beat cancer

Šárka Peková
01.Jan 2021
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Roman Staša v soutěži MasterChef Česko

2020 is over. So let's remind ourselves who has left a visible mark on it. Each of these people is dedicated to something else, but they have one thing in common: they're true to their values, which they are also able to pass on to the public and the ever-growing audience on their social networks. Who do we mean?

Roman Staša

At the beginning of November, the charismatic 32-year-old Roman Staša won the culinary show MasterChef Česko, the best amateur chef competition. He gained immense popularity thanks to his humility, authenticity, and, above all, contagious laughter, which didn't leave him even in situations when others were desperate. Born in Zlín, Roman had a completely different dream just a few years ago.

"I wanted to achieve this kind of success as a hockey player,"

admitted the fitness coach and former hockey player who had kept a great track record in his hockey career. He represented the Czech Republic in his youth and was one of the best 'scorers' of his time. However, as he himself admits, the pressure on his person and also his mastery had gradually led him to end his career as a professional hockey player.

In his own words, his life turned upside down after the competition. People recognize him on the street, take photos with him and he's already got over 203,000 followers on Instagram. Currently, the former junior hockey player is working on his own project Bez adresy (No address), which offers a private cooking experience, during which you have the opportunity to meet the always cheerful Roman. In addition, you learn how to cook an entire menu from him.

Dominik Feri

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Dominik Feri
Dominik FeriSource: Petr Topič/ MAFRA / Profimedia

24-year-old TOP 09 MP Dominik Feri experienced the biggest boom in his popularity last year and it was thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. On his Instagram account, with a follower count of over 900,000 to date, he actively informs his fans about all important government meetings and subsequent anti-coronavirus measures. People are already losing track of what is allowed and what's not, so all they have to do is check Feri's Instagram, where they can easily and quickly find all that's essential.

The youngest MP in the history of the Czech Republic has also participated in the creation of the information portal, which is designed to help people understand not only the current governmental measures but also various compensation programs. At the same time, this website provides instructions for managing life situations affected by the coronavirus crisis. What's more, during his speeches Feri thinks of his peers, thanks to which he is getting more and more popular on social networks. He's even won in the prestigious poll Czech Social Awards, which selects the most inspiring individuals of the Czech networks. The above-mentioned Roman Staša has also received this award.

Eva Salvatore Burešová

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Eva Salvatore Burešová
Eva Salvatore BurešováSource:

Charming actress Eva Salvatore Burešová has forever entered the hearts of many viewers thanks to starring in the extremely successful TV series Slunečná. People loved this Hlučín-born actress in her role of Týna Popelková, and she herself admits that she shares a similar wardrobe with the character, as well as a tendency towards workaholism and putting the family in the first place. She also came to public attention as one of the judges in the competition Your Face Sounds Familiar.

The 27-year-old actress and singer is the mother of a 3-year-old son Nathaniel, but she's already broken up with his father. As she herself claims, she comes from a family of strong women who guard their privacy very carefully. At the same time, she has stated on her Instagram, where she's already reached 360,000 followers, that no one should share photos of her son. And if someone intends to criticize this handsome brunette in an insensitive manner, they will lose very quickly, because Eva is not afraid of being fierce with her answers. Even though the fans of Slunečná would like her to start dating her acting colleague and TV show partner Marek Lambora in real life too, it seems that Eva Burešová is happy alongside the chef and judge of the MasterChef show, Přemek Forejt.

Luxusní penthaus na Praze 1 - 226m
Luxusní penthaus na Praze 1 - 226m, Praha 1

Tomáš Souček

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Tomáš Souček
Tomáš SoučekSource:

The Czech football representative and player of the English club West Ham United FC is praised by the Czech and English media alike. After being a guest player for the Žižkov and Liberec football clubs, the 25-year-old native of Havlíčkův Brod joined the prestigious professional club SK Slavia Prague and his support was most crucial for the team. At the beginning of 2020, he got a chance to become a guest player for the London club West Ham, where he managed to secure himself a firm place in the first-choice lineup of the team and the deal was sealed in July with an official transfer. With this, the former leader of Slavia has become the most expensive player who has ever moved abroad from the Czech league.

His performance on the field have been so professional and stable that he is becoming more and more popular in England. The Czech player with number 28 on his back turns out to be a bigger threat to all rivals in the Premier League with each match, and allegedly, there's a new, upgraded contract waiting for him. It's no wonder since the football giant FC Bayern Munich and other English major clubs are already showing interest in him. If his health serves him well and he is in shape at least as up until now, it is only a matter of time before the 4th best Czech athlete of 2020 and the winner of the Golden Ball (Czech Republic) moves even higher in his career.

Anna Julie Slováčková

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Anna Julie Slováčková
Anna Julie SlováčkováSource:

The actress and singer Anička Julie Slováčková is one of the true heroines of 2020. The 25-year-old daughter of Felix Slováček and Dáda Patrasová announced in October 2019 that she was battling breast cancer, and by December she'd already been through three major rounds of chemotherapy. In December 2020, exactly one year later, she announced on her social network that she had defeated the insidious cancer.

"Thank God for all the days I spend with you on this earth. With my family, friends, pets, obstacles, and positive moments. I am very grateful. I'm grateful for this whole year. Although sometimes I feel like deleting it,"

Anička Slováčková openly commented on one of her photos on Instagram. She underwent the whole treatment without a single restriction of her artistic activities. It was the singing that often helped her to keep her head above water and gave her the strength to overcome the most difficult period of her life so far. Anička was also selected among the 12 winners in the Czech Social Awards poll as one of the most inspiring people on social networks. She absolutely deserved it.

Which of these people impressed you the most in 2020?

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