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Fans are bringing candles and presents

People are remembering Karel Gott at his grave site: We miss you so much, the world is empty without you

Karolína Lišková
14.Jul 2020
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Today, July 14, 2020, the unforgettable singer Karel Gott would have celebrated his 81st birthday. Since the morning, people are flocking to the Maestro's grave site in the Malvazin cemetery to remember him and place a flower, a candle or a small gift on his grave.

Fans are arriving from all over the country.

"We came from Pilsen, we liked him very much, so we see it as our obligation to stop here and light a candle for him,"

a middle-aged man said to, adding that Gott's songs often play at their home.

Prodej luxusního bytu, Praha 1 - Nové Město
Prodej luxusního bytu, Praha 1 - Nové Město, Praha 1

"I've loved him since I was a child. It's his birthday today, and I'd like to wish him to be as joyful up there as he was down here,"

an elderly woman, who came all the way from Kroměříž, shed a tear.

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Lidé zanechávají Karlovi dárky.
Lidé zanechávají Karlovi dárky. Source:

And the younger generation from other countries also came to remember the deceased singer! "I'm from Russia, but I study in Brno. I know Mr. Gott from my parents and I must say that I like his songs. On top of that, he is a great personality, so I came to pay my respects to him," a 20-year-old boy said with pride.

Letter from the family

The family is not going to visit the grave today due to media interest, so they left Karl a beautiful bouquet in the middle of his tombstone with the following letter attached:

"Dear Kája, our beloved father and grandfather. We miss you so much, the world is empty without you. We remember you with love every day. We're sending you a kiss to heaven. Ivana, Charlotte, Nelly, Lucie, Vojta and Honza."

Patrik Rokl, the godson of Karel Gott, whose father Rudolf used to be Gott's pianist for years, also stopped at the grave with a rose and a photograph of his father.

"I don't remember him as Mr. Gott but as Uncle Kája, he was my godfather and our families were in close contact. My dad really liked him, so it's my duty to come here and remember them both, I miss them terribly,"

told us Patrik Rokl.

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Hrob Karla Gotta nelze minout.
Hrob Karla Gotta nelze minout. Source:

A flower from the president

In the early morning hours, a messenger arrived at the grave directly from the Castle, carrying a flower with a tricolor from President Miloš Zeman.

The burning candles and gifts were supervised from a distance by an authorized person, so that the situation from January, when a flower had caught fire due to a plethora of burning candles, would not repeat itself. For the same reason, the cemetery administration cleans the place every evening, creating space for new visitors.

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Takhle si Mistra všichni pamatují.
Takhle si Mistra všichni pamatují. Source: Facebook Karla Gotta

A gift from Ivana for the fans

Widow Ivana also made a gesture for the fans on this significant day of remembrance. She published the first excerpt from the upcoming film about Karel Gott on social networks.

"Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for the beautiful emails and letters you're sending me on the occasion of today's birthday of my late husband. It pleases me greatly that it is today, on July 14, that we can show you the first shots from the film Karel. I hope you enjoy the short video. Ivana."

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