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The peacock is one of the noblest animals in the world. In the past, people indicated their higher status and luxury by owning it. Nowadays it can however be used to adorn any garden. And it is also a great security guard.

The peacock: a luxury guardian and ornament for your garden

Eva Ledecká
18.May 2017
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Beautiful Peacock

The peacock comes from India and southern Asia, where it still lives wild today. The Indian peacock is one of the national symbols of India. 

Luxury animal
Ornamentation of gardens
Luxury animal

A luxurious creature in gardens and on dining tables

The peacock was brought to Europe in ancient times when it was bred in the aristocratic courts, not only due to its beauty, but also as a delicacy on the dining tables there. Roast peacock is for example still eaten today for Christmas dinner in Argentina. But you needn’t worry, we certainly don’t eat this luxurious creature in our country. In the Czech Republic, the peacock is used solely to decorate chateau parks, estates and private gardens.

More beautiful colouring - a higher price

The price of a peacock is determined according to its colouring. The more beautiful, the more original and rarer the peacock’s colouring, the higher its price. You can even buy a single adult bird for a mere CZK 3,000. The colouring of the feathers is created by their microstructure which creates the resulting colour effect. Apart from colour, long feathers are another dominant feature of these ornamental birds. A peacock’s tail is made up of as many as 200 elongated tail feathers which made up the so-called train.

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 - 303m
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 - 303m, Praha 10

Undemanding luxury which protects your land

The peacock is not a demanding animal. At the start, it is advisable to leave it in an aviary so it can get used to its surroundings. But after that, you can let it out to roam freely around the garden. If you have a tree on your land, this will become its place and it will go there to sleep.

The peacock is undemanding on food and is able to look after itself if it lives in a large garden or a park. It will find insects, small rodents or plant seeds and you can also give it fruit.

It reacts reasonably well to strangers. This doesn’t mean that it would run at an intruder intending to hurt him, but it does start to give off a very intense sound which will certainly dissuade any uninvited guests and immediately gain the attention of the owner. In the wild the peacock lives to an age of 15. In captivity, it can look forward to an additional 8 years of life. 

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