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His books are page-turners and you will smile at their content. Patrik Hartl is one of the best Czech authors of "luxury summer reading". And soon there will be another!

Patrik Hartl Completed his Fourth Book! It Will be Called the Best Weekend.

Eva Ledecká
27.Jul 2018
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In addition to his function of a theatre director and film authorship of several plays, Patrik Hartl excels also in the field of Czech literature. His books are fast-paced, readable, funny and revitalising. His slumbering talent was apparent already from his first effort, Protozoan Shampoo Dot and Charles.


Show that you are “not a chicken”!

Protozoan, Shampoo, Dot and Charles are adult men between 30 and 40 years of age who know each other from school. It all starts at a class reunion. Do they really live the way they planned when they were 18? To prove that they still have balls they agree on performing some peculiar tasks: for example unexpectedly to shed clothes and record it on a mobile. Or all day to only speak the truth. It will affect the life of every single one, there are unexpected revelations and depressive moments. However the story finishes on a good note. At the conclusion everything is as it should be.

Patrik Hartl wanted to show that he personally still has courage, and at the time of publication of the book (2012) he started on his website event ´Don´t be a chicken´. He undressed run naked across the Old Town Square and called on others, to also "shed slow ageing”. The resulting luxurious videos of naked guys from different locations of the Czech Republic can be found on his website. For a long time now there haven´t been any additions; do you not wish to restart it? 

Luxusní byt 4+kk s terasou na prodej, Praha
Luxusní byt 4+kk s terasou na prodej, Praha, Praha 5

The new book comes out in October!

On 15th October Patrik´s latest book is to come out; a fourth one. The previous are: Protozoan, Shampoo, Dot and Charles, Moments of Happiness (Czech bestseller 2016) and Small Prague Eroticon (Czech bestseller 2014). 

The new book will bear the name Best Weekend and the author did not reveal anything about its content. He only divulged that he has been working on it for over a year and its working version has 423 pages. We are already looking forward to the next luxury read!

Patrik Hartl in theatre and film

In film industry, Patrik Hartl is popular through having directed the movie comedy Such a Normal Family (2008), shot on the theme of eponymous Czech series from 1968.

Perhaps you may know him from theatre. He is the author and director of luxury plays which you can see in Prague theatre Studio TWO (DVA). The plays which he directed include Caveman, which is a very popular play for a sole actor, openly analysing differences between men and women.

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