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Graffiti was born in the USA, but that doesn’t mean it stayed there. Even in the Czech Republic, there are excellent artists who create luxurious street art. Get to know one of them, namely Pasta Oner.

Pasta Oner: One of our pioneers of graffiti

Eva Ledecká
16.Sep 2017
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Pasta Oner is one of the pioneers of graffiti in our country. He is the author of many “scribbled up walls”, but they are so exceptional that his work has found a place in numerous prestigious galleries and private collections. 

Dílo v paláci Lucerna
Kuchyňská linka navržená Pastou Onerem
Praha, Jižní město v podání Pasty Onera

From the street to the gallery

The nickname Pasta Oner is a combination of the words “piece” and “tag” – piece means graffiti and tag means the signature. He has lived under this new name since the age of 17.

He got involved in graffiti art at the age of 13, and like other sprayers and writers, he certainly didn’t expect his art to collect luxurious sums from wealthy clients one day. Yet he sold his first piece at the age of twenty. From street art he moved towards pop art, and his luxurious works found a place on canvases and in galleries. His first exhibition was held in 2003 and many of you may remember his legendary posters with winged toothpaste, which were posted all over Prague.

Graffiti repels and attracts like a magnet

Graffiti will never become a universally recognised form of art, but it has ranks of fans both among young admirers and among art collectors and theorists. People are most attracted to this type of painting by its simplicity, clarity and wit. You often get a clear message about the artist’s attitude towards a specific issue, even without any words. 

Luxusní byt s terasou Praha
Luxusní byt s terasou Praha, Praha 3

However, this type of work most likely has more detractors, who see it as mere vandalism. In response to this, Pasta Oner says:

“It may sound bizarre because we’re talking about violating the right to private property, but were subcultures of this kind to disappear, only then would it be evident how rich and diverse society was with them.”

Bespoke wall graffiti

Yet graffiti hasn’t moved from the street only to canvas. Paintings are often ordered by people to create original and luxurious interiors, with the artists painting directly onto the wall. One example is the interior wall of director David Ondříček’s home. Pasta Oner is a leader among Czech writers, and even creates bespoke works for VIP clients. In fact, one of his paintings decorates the luxurious Palace Lucerna.  

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