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As of today, the Czech Republic has moved to the 3rd level of coronavirus measures.

Overview of current measures: What changes from today?

Kateřina Ostrejšová
03.Dec 2020
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Dívka na vánočních trzích.

Following an extraordinary meeting on Sunday, the government decided to further ease the anti-epidemic measures. The Czech Republic has moved from the fourth level of risk to the third. What awaits us? Today, restaurants, all shops and service outlets will reopen their doors. All restrictions on the free movement of persons at night will also be over.

Reunite with your friends

The night curfew, imposed from 11 pm to 5 am, is over. Starting today, we can move outside without restrictions. Outdoor social gatherings can now have up to 50 people, indoor ones up to 10. The ban on alcohol consumption in public places also ends. However, it is still obligatory to wear a face mask.

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Kamarádi pijí svařák.
Kamarádi pijí svařák. Source:

How about Christmas markets and mulled wine?

According to Deputy Prime Minister Karel Havlíček, the government neither recommend or prohibit outdoor markets. She left the decision to the municipalities and municipal authorities. However, the same rules apply to Christmas markets as to farmers' markets - the gap between the stalls is four meters and the consumption of food and drinks on site is prohibited.

Shopping on a Sunday!

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Oblečení na ramínkách.
Oblečení na ramínkách. Source:

Shops are also returning to normal operation, they will be able to be open without interruption, including Sundays and public holidays. The only restriction left is the limit on the number of people inside - one customer per 15 square meters and a distance of two meters between the shoppers.

Ladies can let themselves be pampered again

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Žena si dopřává zkrášlovací proceduru.
Žena si dopřává zkrášlovací proceduru. Source:

Services will also return to business as usual, but with increased hygiene measures. In hairdressing or beauty salons, the obligation to keep a distance of two meters still applies. Hairdressers will be able to work only in a face mask, without a protective shield.

Out with it, ladies, what it will be first - manicure, pedicure, new hair or just about everything?

Hurry up, restaurants have opened!

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Lidé v restauraci na jídle.
Lidé v restauraci na jídle. Source:

Are you also one of those who couldn't wait to finally be able to go out for a delicious lunch or dinner? Restaurants and pubs are opening today, albeit with shorter opening hours (from 6 am to 10 pm). You can arrive in a group of up to 4 people. Waiters may only serve seated guests and the establishments may fill only half of their capacity.

If you want to refresh yourself while shopping in the mall, that too will be possible from today - through dispensing windows.

Sport indoors? Yes!

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Žena cvičí jógu.
Žena cvičí jógu. Source:

Hey, it looks like we might just be able to shed some weight before the summer! Sports centers will open today as well. Under the condition of one client per 15 square meters. 9 people plus the coach can attend lessons. The obligation of wearing face masks while exercising indoors remains.

"During training, the distance of at least two meters between individual participants will be kept, of course, with the exception of the client-coach relationship. A ban on physical interaction, if possible, is in place. Group lessons will be in the 9 + 1 mode,"

Deputy Prime Minister Karel Havlíček commented on the measure.

Swimming enthusiasts also have a reason for joy. Access to the pools is allowed! Just like in fitness centers, there are some restrictions - only one person per 15 square meters. But we will have to wait a while for the saunas. Next to professional competitions, amateur ones will now also be allowed, but still without spectators. Outside, the current number of six people will be increased - two teams or groups will be able to play sports.

And how about culture?

Museums and galleries are also opening, but only up to one quarter of their capacity. Tours of castles and chateaux are only allowed in a group of ten. Libraries and bookstores also got the green light. They can be open under the same conditions as shops and other establishments.

Theaters and cinemas remain closed for the time being. They might be reopened in the second risk level.

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Žena pije kávu v hotelu.
Žena pije kávu v hotelu. Source:

Hotels without restrictions

From today, no restrictions apply to accommodation services. However, general measures must be observed - face masks, disinfection and two-meter distances.

Where do we have to weark face masks at this point?

Inside all buildings other than our home or place of accommodation (for example, a hotel room).

In classrooms and common areas inside schools.

In public transport and at public transit stops.

At internal mass events with any number of participants.

Outside in the areas of towns and villages.

In cars, if traveling with someone who is not a member of your common household.

Prodej exkluzivní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice
Prodej exkluzivní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice, Praha 4

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