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Great things are achieved through great desires. And a great desire for an ideal bicycle gave rise to a Czech brand, Festka!

Our our National Team Rides Czech Bicycles Festka. So Can You!

Eva Ledecká
02.Nov 2018
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Frame for anniversary, 100 years of BMW

The Festka bicycle brand has first been noticed by us only at this year´s Designblok. Despite the fact that is has been established as far back as in 2010! An excuse for us here may be the fact that the first store of this brand was opened in Prague only last year.

It all started in the garage! Where will it end?

The story of the brand was started in 2010, but only five years on it was able to become a part of the world championship! At the beginning there was nothing, except a great desire for a new, perfect bike. When you cannot find one, you just content yourself with the best the market can offer you. But not so if you are Ondřej Novotný or Michael Moureček! They decided that they will produce such bicycles. And they started in a garage.

When you read about the history of successful current brands; of any industry, that is exactly how their story begins, too. It is therefore very likely that the Festka brand is here to stay.

Prodej luxusního bytu, Praha 1 - Nové Město
Prodej luxusního bytu, Praha 1 - Nové Město, Praha 1

Are you discerning? You came to the right place!

Both founders insisted that they will have all steps of the production process under control. Track bicycles came into existence first. However, the company did not sleep on its laurels and was very well aware that together with production it must also move in the field of research and development. Therefore the programme of research and development is now split between several universities, cooperating also with many professionals in that area.

What about the standard?

Festka keeps on creating interesting models, too. For example the Spectre model has a frame which was made at the occasion of 100-year anniversary of BMW. Its price tag is EUR 10,900. In the gallery below the article you will also find a bicycle Spectre Track, used by members of the Czech national team in UCI World Cup and World Championship! There is also the One Crit bicycle which was made for the former world champion, Alois Kaňkovský.

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