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Martina Keclíková, owner of Rosmarino, the luxury florist studio, revealed to us how to decorate not only the entire interior but what exceptional decorations definitely must not be missing on your Christmas dinner table!

Ostentatious Christmas with Flowers? The Rosmarino Florist Studio Gives off its Secret Tips

Mgr. Jana Höger
19.Dec 2018
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Vánoce s květinami

Here, all your wishes come true while you wait

That´s the credo of the Rosmarino florist studio, which was founded by Mrs Keclíková in 2005. You cannot mistake it for a common florist shop. It is interesting by the fact that it is essentially a studio, dealing almost entirely with specific orders of clients. We managed to carve off a little time from the tight schedule of the owner of Rosmarino in order to talk about the luxurious forthcoming charming Christmas time. 

And how should a luxury Christmas Day dinner table look like according to Rosmarino?

"What will always look impressive and totally luxurious and without what we actually cannot imagine a Christmas Day dinner table are flowers; in any quantity. Flowers may correspond with the colour scheme selected for Christmas decoration of your household or specifically the table, but they may also be arranged in a minimalistic style. A small flower by each plate or a gently adorned candle holder in the middle of the table will always create a festive atmosphere."

Exclusive decoration, which will brighten up your interior. One can imagine for example...?

"Even just a little will suffice," Martina adds. "If you place a flower garland in a room made of eucalyptus enlivened by tons of gold or silver colour, which you accompany by tall candlesticks, your interior will look really splendid. Christmas/winter arrangement at the ready!"

Prodej luxusního řadového domu - Tuřany
Prodej luxusního řadového domu - Tuřany, Okolí Prahy

From the point of view of a florist - the preparation for Christmas time must not be underestimated, isn´t that so?

"For a florist the advent period is by far the most hectic one of the whole year, so when actually comes to Christmas, I am quite tired. But quite pleasantly, because the work on Christmas decorations is very creative. But I will never forget, even if it should be at the very last minute, to decorate and dress up the apartment and the garden - there must be a lot of lights and of course flowers, even just potted bulbs, which last longer than conventional cut flowers. I prefer mainly white flowers, or in combination with some green.”

Do you have a tip for us for some extravagant decorations?

"Luxury arrangements of exotic flowers in combination with peacock feathers complemented by glass baubles. Would you dare, too?

When we say ´symbol of Christmas´, what do you imagine?

For me a symbol of Christmas is to be with the family. I will reveal a modicum of our private arrangement. Our Christmas tree is decked by decorations collected since our childhood as well as travels from all over the world."

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