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Osmani Laffita: We Will Wear Sheet Metal! Fashion of 2118!

Eva Ledecká
19.Oct 2018
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Our inquisitive questions concerning in particular the future of the fashion world were aimed at Czech fashion designers Natali Ruden, Táňa Kovaříková, Ester, Geislerová, Liběna Rochová, or designer Osmany Laffita. We have also asked for opinions of models Aneta Vignerová and Jana Doležalová, actor Roman Vojtek, actress Petra Vraspírová, Kateřina Hrachovcová and others. What do they think we will wear in 100 years´ time? 

Jana Doležalová
Roman Vojtek, Petra Vraspírová
Aneta Vignerová

“Perhaps we will draw inspiration from the interwar period," things model Aneta Vignerová.

Views about fashion differ and fashion designers keep coming up with new things. But is it really so? Don´t they just keep re-inventing models of past eras? Among the current collections we often find similarities to dresses which used to be worn a century ago. Would we really wear in 100-years´ time the same things as in the period of the First Czechoslovak Republic?

"Maybe we will not be preoccupied with fashion any longer," said Ester Geislerová. 

Although the trend of today is sustainability, fantasy works at full throttle and we often imagine clothes of future times as transparent plastic coats in a kind of UFO style. Osmany Laffita offers a version of metallic clothes and Taťána Kovaříková comes with a theory that perhaps it will not be sewn at all! Esther Geislerová on the contrary thinks that we will not address these issues at all.

Those are the opinions of some famous Czech personalities. Are you interested in views of Czechs whom we asked the same questions in the streets of Prague? You can find them in the video HERE: Shiny overalls or plastic? We know what the Czechs think we will wear in 100 years´ time!


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