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Irresistible underwear from the Christmas collection by Agent Provocateur as seen through man´s eyes. Matyáš Hložek advises women on how they can score with men and tells men which pieces are worth buying for their dear ones!

Openly: If a Man Buys you Agent Provocateur, you Better Unwrap your Presents after 10pm!

Matyáš Hložek
06.Dec 2018
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2 minutes

Every year at Christmas, Agent Provocateur comes up with a special offering of perfect pieces of underwear, with which the holidays get a completely different spark. Even this year is no exception. And what does the man of the year 2017, Matyáš Hložek, say to the current line of sexy underwear? You may be surprised!

The new Christmas collection by Agent Provocateur is again provocative and sexy! I am bringing a few tips for women who at Christmas wish to surprise their beau by giving him the nicest possible present (by that I mean themselves, wearing this sexy underwear) and for men, who still don´t know what to give to their dear halves under the Christmas tree.

Gentlemen, underwear will please not only her, but you, too. I am sure that as soon as your dear half puts this gift on, Christmas dinner calories will melt off before you know it! And Agent Provocateur certainly has a lot to offer!

The models described below may be found in the gallery below the article.

Red and black, you cannot go wrong here!

The red model Lotie gives men a clear message about where we should start with kisses after Christmas Day dinner. I think that once a woman puts this model on, every man will lose interest in Christmas fairy tales on TV. Therefore, leave some space for dessert, because with this model it will certainly come in useful!

If you want to make a safe bet, black colour with lace is ideal. The Ozella model is a prime example of an incredibly sexy underwear and you certainly cannot go wrong. I personally like this model most of all from the entire collection. So, the choice would be clear! 

Prodej funkcionalistické vily Praha - 360m
Prodej funkcionalistické vily Praha - 360m, Praha 8

A good girl turns into a predaceous beast!

Precisely such a transformation will surely entice every guy and you can achieve this by trying on the sexy tiger Genevieve model, and not only this one evening. A tiger model is never wasted. Each woman should have at least one such model in her wardrobe! If you do not, let your beloved one know why you should. A luxurious gift under the Christmas tree is then guaranteed!

And then there is the Rubi model which is a little more daring. I would say that it is more suitable for people with tendencies toward S&M. But why not? At least it would spice things up at Christmas!

The ´Santa´ model? NOT for me!

What I would however strongly advise against is the ´Santa model´ called Ismay. Of course, everyone has a different taste, but underwear, or in this case a nightie, with dots will certainly not quicken my heartbeat. As a good joke, but there it ends. With this model on the contrary you can have as much dessert as you like!

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