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Fans from all over the country remembered Karel Gott by his grave

One year since Karel Gott's passing: Fans rushed to his grave from work. A message to heaven sends also his widow Ivana

Karolína Lišková
01.Oct 2020
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It's hard to believe, but October 1st left its mark in the minds of many people. Not because of the war or coronavirus, but because of the death of one of the most popular people in the country. Today it’s a year since Maestro Karel Gott left us to sing in heaven. However, his grave in Malvazinky, Prague, was not as busy as it was last year. People walked in silence in small groups throughout the day. They remembered quietly, prayed, and lit candles.

Hrob Karla Gotta 1. října 2020.
Fanynka u hrobu mistra.
U hrobu jsou i drobné předměty.

Many of them lit candles and laid flowers on the tombstone, the appearance of which is the result of a cooperation between Gott’s wife Ivana, academic architect Jiří Deýl and engineer Pavel Štrunc. Most of the people stood silently by the grave, some of them then headed to another place of reverence, Gott's villa in Bertramka.

"I came from Pelhřimov. Took a time off of work. I have admired Mr. Gott all my life, I think of him every day. He was the most decent man and the most amazing singer I know. I'm still sad about his passing,"

a grieving woman who claimed to have been present at his last concert confided to

The others shared the same sentiment, no one would say a negative word about Karel. Among those mourning were people of all ages.

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Hlouček lidí na hřbitově.
Hlouček lidí na hřbitově.Source:

Even the widow reminisces

Although the widow Ivana is nowhere to be seen or heard in public, today is the darkest day for her and she expressed her emotions on the singer's social network.

"There is not a day when I do not think of Karel… After a serious illness re-entered my husband’s and thus our whole family’s lives at the end of 2017, he was fully aware of the limited amount of time he had left on this world. We have learned to rejoice about every new day, to live only and only in the present moment,"

Ivana writes on Facebook.

She reminds fans and supporters about the upcoming movie Karel that will enter the cinemas on 15 October.

"Karel was often unwell during the filming, but he tried to accommodate the director as much as possible in all her ideas. He was shooting until the last moment he could. My heart hurt even more when many of the takes were not used in the documentary in the end. It cost him a lot of effort and hard work, but he really wanted to include everything that was close to his heart in the movie."

According to Ivana, the documentary tells a true and sincere story about an extremely successful, beloved, famous and at the same time modest, kind and decent man, to whom she was the chosen and happy wife. She claims she will remain deeply grateful for that until the end of her days.

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Karel Gott s manželkou Ivanou.
Karel Gott s manželkou Ivanou.Source: film Karel/Bontonfilm

The book to be published in the spring

An official autobiography of Karel Gott should be published in March next year. Ivana Gottová and her colleagues decided to postpone the publication of the book planned for the autumn, because they need more time to complete it. The autobiography should also include photographs, documents and archival materials that have not been published, yet.

On the occasion of the first anniversary of the singer's death, the Aukro internet marketplace will hold a charity auction of collector's medals dedicated to Gott. The event is organized in cooperation with the Czech Mint, which sold the medals originally issued for Gott's 80th birthday. The collection of medals will be auctioned on October 12.

Karel Gott died on October 1 before midnight in his villa in Bertramka. He was being treated for acute leukemia. The legend of Czech popular music, which influenced several generations of listeners, was 80 years old. Fans were able to say goodbye to their favorite singer on October 11 at the Žofín Palace, where about 49,000 people arrived. A day later, a funeral mass was held in St. Vitus Cathedral, attended by relatives, friends, co-workers, politicians, singers, actors, athletes and other invited guests. This day was also declared a day of state mourning.

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Prodej funkcionalistické vily Praha - 360m, Praha 8

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