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An architect, a warrior for her rights and a myth destroyer.

Olga Třísková’s Villa: the architecture of a woman who went against gender stereotypes

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02.Apr 2019
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Villa in Vršovice, O. Třísková

A unique woman born in 1904, graduate of the CTU. The creatively gifted artist didn’t have it easy, building a career in a world dominated by men. Despite that, she managed to break the ice!

A revolt that paid off

Abandoning the trenches and fighting for a place in the sun, that was the main motto of this talented artist. She wasn’t born into a time that would be accepting of her progressive thoughts. In the world of "pants", "skirts" had an assigned social role that was not to be abandoned. Olga Třísková overcame the stereotypes and launched a career in the technical field. She is worthy of admiration and certainly represented a role model for other women hiding in men’s shadows in her time.

Even though the constitution abolished gender prerogatives in 1920, the earlier way of thinking was deeply rooted in the society. It was difficult for a woman to find a job and assert herself as something other than a wife, mother or housewife. Olga Třísková succeeded. In 1933, she became the seventh woman to receive the title of an architect.

A luxurious building reminiscent of Winternitz's Adolf Loos villa

She was able to build a reputation as a residential construction architect. One of her famous villas is located in Prague 10, in the Konopišťská street. The luxurious building draws attention with its precision. The power of artistic expression lies in geometric shapes free from any ornamentation. The villa is true to a unique combination of functionalism with the traditional disposition of the upper middle class living.

The original interior included a basement, where the boiler room, garage and cellar were located. Next came an entrance hall, a reception room, a cloakroom, and a small, modest maid's room. On the first floor, you could find the bedroom, bathroom, and nursery. The rooftop terrace was used for relaxation, same as the luxurious garden around the house.

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 9 - 123m
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 9 - 123m, Praha 9

Olga Třísková's determination demonstrates the power of the female spirit to persist in spite of adversity. Her name is a part of the list of women who managed to establish themselves in the field of science and technology before the year 1945, together with the doctor Anna Bayerová, the botanist Marie Zdeňka Baborová-Čiháková or the philosopher Albína Dratvová.

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