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Take a snap of a hockey legend and you're a billionaire

Old Nikes for ten million crowns? No problem in Canada!

Karolína Lišková
04.Aug 2019
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Nike is a very popular brand not only with young and sporty people. Nowadays, the entire world wears these shoes that cost just a few thousand crowns but bear a label of luxury. However, there's only a single person who paid 10 million crowns for a pair! Old and used on top of that. We are talking about the unique Moon shoe, auctioned off by Canadian investor Miles Nadal.

Měsíční boty byly vyrobeny v roce 1972.
Majitelem bot je Kanaďan Miles S. Nadal z Toronta.
Židovský podnikatel vděčí za vše své matce, která ho řádně vychovala.

The pair of sneakers hand-sewn by Nike co-founder and sports coach Bill Bowerman himself was auctioned off at the end of July for $ 437,500. In 1972, Bowerman sewed them specifically for cross-country races, where American athletes were to qualify for the Olympics. For the first time, the so-called waffle technique was used, where the mass is poured into a mold and baked into the final shape literally like a waffle. Only 12 pairs were made in total.

"I think the sneaker culture is experiencing a big breakthrough,"

Nadal said after the auction.

Luxusní mezonetový byt na pronájem v Pařížské
Luxusní mezonetový byt na pronájem v Pařížské, Praha 1

Making up for a childhood without money with luxury

One pair now proudly stands at Miles Nadal's home. He's exactly the kind of person who likes old things and moldy cheeses. In addition to shoes, he collects cars, not just the retro types. He loves luxury, perhaps because he didn't know it in his childhood...

In his own museum, he already exhibits 99 pairs of rare sneakers worth almost twenty million crowns (not counting the Moon shoe). He also owns a model from the limited Nike edition, which released a pair of Michael J. Fox's sneakers from the film Return to the Future II with self-binding technology in 2011-2016, or shoes from a special edition of Kanye West's brand Yeezy.

It started with a camera

He comes from a Canadian Jewish family, which may have lived at the best address in Toronto, but according to the multimillionaire, his family didn't have as much money as other neighbors and his parents had to work around the clock so as to provide him and his brother with quality education and life opportunities.

When he got his first camera at the age of twelve, his mind immediately conjured up a business plan. He began to sell his photographs. He started out as a photographer in children's camps, charging the parents five dollars per photo of a laughing, happy child.

The business was going so well that Miles soon had to hire employees - his parents, who were distributing the photos and collecting money.

Wayne Gretzky

Thanks to a famous man named Wayne Gretzky (something like Karel Gott for Canadians), who fell in love with Miles's work, the young photographer had to start refusing jobs, because he was completely swamped by requests. From then on, it's been like a fairy tale - the company has grown into huge proportions, Miles Nadal was awarded the title of businessman of the year several times and earned a ton of money. So why not start buying old sneakers for fun!

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