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Enjoy the everyday feeling of joy of riding this luxurious electric scooter.

The OjO Electric Scooter in Vespa Style Will be more Fun than a Scooter!

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27.Feb 2019
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Interest in electrical scooters experiences a tremendous increase, small friendly toy vehicles for travelling through congested cities. However, the OjO brand comes with something better: a "small Vespa version", which boasts smaller wheels, higher handlebars, but adequate speed!

OjO is a very practical means of transport which will exceed your expectations. If you desire a fast transportation from place to place, instant parking, a design machine, new technology and maximum comfort, then the OjO scooter meets these requirements precisely.

The strengths of this luxury machine

The ergonomic patented design of OjO maximises comfort, ensures safety and is very flexible. The fully welded lightweight aluminium frame and durable integrated plastic covers of ABS car class create a combination of strength and beauty. This is a very quiet vehicle with zero emissions, does not require a possession of a licence or registration. It can be used on a carriageway, but is banned on the pavement. For your comfort and convenience there is a specially-crafted quilted seat ensuring an easy height adjustment. If you are one of the enthusiasts who love technological gadgets, you will certainly appreciate the audio Bluetooth technology, the touch screen or remote unlocking of the scooter.

Historická kancelář na prodej 198m2 na Praze
Historická kancelář na prodej 198m2 na Praze, Praha 1

The front and rear suspension, lower centre of gravity and a steeper angle of inclination is proof that the OjO is much more stable than conventional electrical scooters.

The speed and rangeare the defining aspect

The luxurious scooter can reach a speed of 32 km/h. You can keep riding for up to 40 km. Using the patented charging mechanism, riders may use a retractable cord for connection to 110 V. The big advantage here is the battery which is detachable and portable, which provides the owners with a greater flexibility.

The price is around USD 2,399 and you may choose from 3 types: Classic OjO, Ford OjO or a Vintage OjO.

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