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How many jokes about his skills and invincibility do you know?

Octogenarian Chuck Norris caught the coronavirus! ...and then he let it go

13.Mar 2020
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Chuck Norris

A few days ago, he celebrated an amazing 80th birthday. The man famous for his role of a fearless justice enforcer in the series Walker, Texas Ranger, who became the subject of hundreds of jokes mocking his invincibility. By the way, did you know that Chuck Norris has already caught the coronavirus? But then he felt sorry for it and let it go.

He has shot dozens of episodes of the action series in which he, as a Texas Ranger, took out his opponents and bad guys with perfectly timed kicks and fascinated poeple with his martial arts skills. He also starred in a number of films that celebrated great success mainly in the 1980s, thanks to which he gained millions of fans around the world. His roles were characteristic by very little text. But the less he spoke, the more punches he threw.

And those who aren't familiar with his film and television roles, may have noticed a strange phenomenon - the collection encompassing hundreds of jokes that mock his flawnessness, fearlessness and invincibility. Those were the roles he excelled in - a man who managed to destroy crowds of enemies without suffering the tiniest injury. The actor himself likes these jokes and tends to make fun of himself. But he did take things to the court once - he didn't like the joke that said the tears of Chuck Norris could cure cancer.

Luxusní penthouse na prodej, Praha - Janáčkovo
Luxusní penthouse na prodej, Praha - Janáčkovo,

He really enjoys some of the jokes about him

Paradoxically, these jokes began to spread only when Chuck Norris' acting career was pretty much over. He shot his last episode of Walker, Texas Ranger in 2001, and his last starring role four years later. In the following years, he appeared only a few times in various mini roles or in commercials. By the way, he made several commercials for T-Mobile in the Czech Republic in 2010, remember?

Despite his high age, the actor still maintains a good physical condition and keeps doing martial arts. Hardly anybody would have guessed his age; Chuck basically looks like he hadn't changed at all in the last 30 years. He married for the second time in 1998, to model Gena O'Kelley, who is 23 years younger than him. And he is the father of five children.

Byt k pronájmu s předzahrádkou a terasou Praha
Byt k pronájmu s předzahrádkou a terasou Praha, Praha 5

These are some of the jokes Chuck Norris himself claimed to be his favorite:

Only Chuck Norris can sing a duet with himself.

When doing push-ups, Chuck Norris doesn't lift himself from the ground, but pushes the Earth down.

Chuck Norris can connect USA and USB.

Chuck Norris doesn't churn butter. He kicks a cow and gets butter directly.

When the boogey man goes to bed, he looks in his closet every night to check if Chuck Norris isn't there.

Chuck Norris sued the NBC. He claims that Law and Order are registered names of his right and left foot.

Chuck Norris built a shelter for his mother so that she would have place to give birth to him.

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