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The state-of-the-art luxury yacht, Oceanco Dar reflects the marine life that surrounds it. This yacht made a luxurious appearance at the Monaco Yacht Show 2018. Pioneer design and technological progress are embedded into the unmistakable DNA of the unique Oceanco ship.

Oceanco DAR Y717: A Modern, Revolutionary Yacht, Winner of the Coveted "Yacht of the Year” Award

Mgr. Jana Höger
07.Oct 2018
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Oceanco DAR

The main feature of the yacht is glass

The Y717 yacht is 90 metres long, its sporty and slender design builds on an interesting effect; reflection of its surroundings through its windows. Its design incorporates a noble intention. It has been designed so as to maximise the opportunity to see the surrounding life and to have a direct contact with the marine environment. Moreover, the glass used in the interior creates panoramic luxury views extended all the way up to the ceiling.

Oceanco, Monaco Yacht Show
Oceanco, projekt žralok
Oceanco, DAR

Marine predators in the main role

The Y717 yacht, also dubbed "Project Shark", received this designation because a part of the yacht when viewed from above shows a distinct similarity to a hammerhead shark. The mast is from the profile shaped as a dorsal fin, too.

Exceptional interior as well as exterior

The interior was designed so as to prioritise fine and sophisticated alternative materials, using interesting finishes, such as delicate fabrics, wallpapers or 3D varnish. One could say that there isn´t any dark, heavy wood here.

The luxurious interior design was made by Nuvolari Lenard. "The profile has a unique sense for contrast and homogeneity between the dark glass and white balconies, causing a constant change of shape and lines between these two elements," explained Luiz DeBasto. The yacht is ready to accept up to 12 guests, it has six cabins to comfortably spend the night. Overall, it may accommodate up to 31 crew members on board to ensure relaxed sailing.

Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem
Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem, Praha 1

The pride of luxury Oceanco yacht

The Oceanco brand is proud of the fact that the recently delivered yacht DAR won the Yacht of the Year award at the World Yacht Trophy event. The award ceremony took place at Cannes in the Carlton hotel. The work of captain Klaudio Marcelic and the exterior designer, Luiz deBasta was also given recognition.

This luxury yacht certainly has plenty to offer!

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