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In Alaska, close to the Canadian border, there is an area in which wild nature has not lost its charm. In the unspoilt countryside there, lies the Noyes Island Resort, which offers unique experiences that are not only associated with sports fishing.

Noyes Island: Luxury Fishing in Alaska

Eva Ledecká
27.Dec 2016
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Noyes Island Resort - Haida Spruce House

Since the Noyes Island Resort in the southeast of Alaska is accessible all-year-round it provides inspiration for lovers of fishing and of pristine nature. You also can bring home unforgettable memories from this place. The area was originally formed by ancient volcanic activity while now the Noyes Island is covered by the majestic Tongass National Forest Park, which is full of conifers and untouched nature.


In the local waters, you can admire the remarkable variety of their marine life. They are home to killer whales, halibut and salmon, and a myriad other fish species that make this place extremely popular amongst sports fishermen.

A luxury resort located in the wilderness

The island can only be reached by air and it was also by using helicopters that the construction of the resort commenced in 2007. The vision of the outcome was to establish a high quality, original and luxurious resort, which, as you can see for yourself, was successful.

Now, there is a unique resort that is far away from civilisation and is surrounded entirely by beautiful nature, where you can enjoy luxury as representing a pure form of life.

A responsible approach towards nature

Solar and hydro energy are used to obtain electricity while pure natural water is carefully filtered before it reaches your table. The transportation of guests is carried out only in electric vehicles in order to avoid making the slightest noise and polluting nature.

Accommodation is provided in 3 different types of luxury housing facilities that are designed for 12-16 people. The interiors are decorated by paintings and carvings that typify Alaskan culture. The Cedar Residence is more intimate than the accommodation that is available at the Haida Spruce House or The Lodge and additionally it comes with an interesting view of the creek that runs below it. The floor of the Cedar Residence is made of transparent glass, thereby providing its guests an enchanting view from the interior of the life in the creek.

Loft s výhledem na Prahu 445m
Loft s výhledem na Prahu 445m, Praha 5

Noyes Island: a dream destination

Noyes Island can be described as a dream destination simply because it is the closest place from which you can set-out to discover the aquatic realm that is located in the southeastern part of Alaska. There you can enjoy such a degree of luxury that, just a short walk away from the main pier, it is possible to catch salmon.

On your fishing trips you will be accompanied by licenced guides who have perfect knowledge of the local waters and fish. The trips also include refreshments and buffet-lunch picnics. In addition to fishing, you can enjoy kayaking, go hiking through the amazing landscape with a guide or just relax and enjoy the luxurious environment and the locality’s harmonious peace.

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Noyes Island Resort
103 Steamboat Bay Dr Noyes Island AK 99921
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