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Who from Prague doesn’t know the famed Vnitroblock, located in Holešovice. The local café has become one of the most sought out place by Prague citizens from all districts! Now, it has a unique mezzanine!

A novelty at the Prague Vnitroblock: a moveable mezzanine with a surprise!

Eva Ledecká
15.Feb 2019
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New mezzanine in Vnitroblock

Vnitroblock has become a popular place for mothers with children, young designers looking for inspiration in ongoing exhibitions, people who work on the go and who regularly sit down here with their laptops, but even lovers of design, who admire the space itself which was created from an out of use factory. There is a small cinema here, a shop with luxury design fashion or a stylish flower shop.

Vnitroblock has a new addition: the mentioned café has been extended by a mezzanine. It is a previous unseen thing, from an architectural perspective, but also in the sense of what everything will be available for you to do there!

Vnitroblock glo lounge
New mezzanine in Vnitroblock
New mezzanine in Vnitroblock

A unique moveable structure on rails

The new spectacular mezzanine is a part of the café and bears the name glo lounge. Its concept creator is the architect František Bosák, who’s task wasn’t that simple. He was supposed to design a mezzanine, which wouldn’t disrupt the atmosphere of this unique industrial place. And so he decided not to use columns, but to design a special bridge structure placed on rails of the former portal crane. Therefore it can move along entire length of the former factory hall!

Why was there even such an idea to create a mezzanine? As one of the owners of Vnitroblock Lukáš Žďárský said, we came to the decision due to the large numbers of cutomers, for which the café was beginning to not have the capacity for. A mezzanine seems like a good choice, because thanks to this solution the current space isn’t more crowded. However, there is one more reason!

Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

‚For some time we’ve been noting our clients’ growing penchant for heated tobacco. It therefore seemed interesting to devote some space to the users of these devices’ Lukáš Žďárský explains further.

They contacted the company British American Tobacco, which developed the revolutionary technology for heated tobacco, and created not only a comfortable setting in Prague, where users can try, but even buy it!

What do you say to that? If you’re a fan of heated tobacco, then definitely visit this mezzanine. And if not, come and sit and watch the bustle of Vnitroblock from a higher level!

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