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The marriage of honest wood material and skilful Czech hands gave rise to a luxury wooden bicycle. The author is Štěpán Kukal.

A Novelty! A Bicycle a bit Different: Czech Wooden Flavus

Mgr. Jana Höger
02.Dec 2018
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Dřevěné kolo Flavus

A tip for a luxury sporty gift for children but also adults  

It is said that if wood is of a really good quality, it can withstand a lot. It can be said that it is a material of future with great tradition. Its unique features are absolutely suitable as bicycle material. Thanks to it the luxurious bicycles are lightweight, flexible and durable. Štěpán Kukal maintains that it can withstand long-term burdens much better than duralumin or carbon frames at comparable weight.

Dřevěné kolo Flavus
Dřevěné kolo Flavus
Dřevěné kolo Flavus

Flavus as a design bike for the children. What does it build on?

The bicycle obtained an interesting name of Flavus. We asked Štěpán how did he come up with the name of Flavus: "Flavus is from Latin, meaning yellow/gold. It is a favourite colour of my son. He loves yellow. Originally all the accessories were supposed to be yellow, but eventually I went primarily for black."

The wooden bicycle is designed for demanding terrain fun, with revolutionary front suspension. The prototype is made in children's sizes of 16” with an adjustable 110mm fork. It weighs only 7kg.

Prodej luxusního bytu, Praha 1 - Nové Město
Prodej luxusního bytu, Praha 1 - Nové Město, Praha 1

The luxurious Flavus brings patented suspension system which in many aspects competes with even state-of-the-art carbon forks, while its simplicity is remarkable. Special unrestricted linear fittings certified for dusty industrial environment ensure smooth operation even with minimal load. The unique wooden frame absorbs impacts by its very nature. It is interesting that wood unlike aluminium may be exposed to continuous shocks and vibration without any obvious signs of fatigue.

What do we appreciate?

The beautiful cool design, because beauty lies in simplicity. Also the fact that it is a natural material. You feel that you are closer to nature. The utility is wide. The bicycle is suitable both for a harsher terrain as well as for the city.

Future prospects and the price

Gradually larger sizes of the wooden bicycle are in the pipeline. You can look forward to a bicycle up to 29". The price of a custom-made Flavus will move around 30 thousand. For adults the price will be around 50 thousand for the frame and forks. The fitting will be custom-made. But all of that reflects serial components and customer wishes; what fittings and add-ons will be required.

As regards plans for the next year, Štěpán Kukal is preparing a concept of a fully-sprung wooden bicycle.

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