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Why is Nolet’s Gin considered to be one of the best gins in the world? Because of more than 325 years of experience, today’s producers simply know what the right gin should taste like. Do you?

Nolet’s Gin: more than 325 years of experience in the perfect drink

Eva Ledecká
17.Nov 2017
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Gin - base of luxury cocktails

The deluxe Nolet’s Gin has been made since 1691, when the distillery was founded in Schiedame, Holland by a man named Joannes Nolet. It is the oldest distillery in Holland, which is still owned by the descendants of the famous founder. The Nolet Distillery survived the French revolution and both world wars. For instance, it has been exporting its luxurious gin to the USA since the end of the 19th Century. 

Nolet's Gin
Nolet's Dry Gin
Celebrate 325 years of inheritance

A luxury base for many cocktails

Gin as such comes from Holland as is mainly used as a stellar base for mixing many famous and original cocktails. The Bramble, The Aviator and the luxurious Bloodhound find their key flavour element in gin. However, there are moments in life when it is a delight to savour gin alone.

“On a foggy day, neat gin is pure bliss,” says writer Clay Risen, who is engaged in non-fiction literature.

Nolet’s Reserve Dry Gin was created as the golden standard for gin. It is the brand with the title of “VIP”. It is served on the rocks and absolutely pure: no mixing, no garnish. All this is in the background, while the complex and luxurious taste of the gin itself comes to the foreground: elegant saffron and verbena combined with delicate juniper.

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 Záběhlice
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 Záběhlice, Praha 10

Two types of distillation

Gin production is very similar to whisky production. First fermented wheat malt is distilled, and then distilled again with a blend of essential oils from juniper and other botanicals. This is followed by ageing in oak casks, giving the gin a more full-bodied flavour.

Dry gin is made through the continuous distillation of wheat distillate and botanicals. In this case, a pouch filled with juniper, botanicals and spices is suspended above the repeatedly distilled grain spirit. The hot steam of the spirit passes through the blend, is condensed and drips back down. Because it is not aged in casks, dry gin is lighter and more delicate.

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