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A New Year’s wish by Ornella Koktová to fans of fashion columns!

Eva Ledecká
27.Dec 2017
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Ornella Koktová

The New Year 2018 is approaching fast. Although we do already know what most collections for next year look like now, a few guardian angels would in fact come in handy to protect us against fashion madness. Yes, I know, there are no rules or certainties in the world of fashion, but even so, it would do no harm to see less of the horrific plastic bags for the feet like Jimmy Choo did (we don’t need our feet to drip) or the soulless squiggles on the handbags by Christian Louboutin (we have a little helper for that in the family – and she works free of charge!).

My wish for you all in the new year is that you sparkle and are chic just like the radiant angels at the Victoria’s Secret show. And that you above all see the funny side of life and fashion as such. Because if we lost our sense of humour too, then we would be left with nothing!

- Ornella Koktová 

The best of Fashion against the flow!

You have probably noticed that we have had a new member of the team since November in the guise of the controversial Ornella Koktová. And it is precisely her who, apart from our fashion editors, rates the latest collection by the fashion brands. In our new column Fashion against the flow, you will find comments which are complimentary, funny and not especially flattering: simply put, comments that Ornella thinks the items in question deserve. Here is a selection of the very best of them!

Elie Saab SS 2018 – “When I hear the name Elie Saab, for me it is like a little earthquake!”

Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m
Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m, Praha 5

Balmain man SS 2018 – “I would happily even dress my husband in something like that, and I know that he wouldn’t chuck it back in my face.”

Miu SS 2018 – “... I don’t think I would dress like that even if they were locking me away in the lunatic asylum.”

Alexander McQueen SS 2018 – “Surely nobody on this planet wants to voluntarily look like the drenched Samara from that famous horror film The Ring.”

Chanel SS 2018 – “... I prefer to completely ignore see-through gloves á la “I’m just off to scrub the toilets at the railway station”!”

Isabel Marant SS 2018 – “Are we going to play at being in Harrachov in 1983?”

Valentino menswear 2018 – “...if I saw a man wearing tracksuit bottoms like that, I would probably throw him some change."

Tod's Christmas collection – “Unfortunately, the circus style will at most be successful in our country in the Berousek family, nowhere else!”

Victoria Beckham SS 2018 – “So only wear this collection if you want to get rid of your other half – FOR GOOD!”

Marc Jacobs SS 2018 – A “Great flight of fancy to the Nth DEGREE”! Where to wear this collection? At most for a trip in a time machine which will take you back to 1990.”

Moschino SS 2018 – “I know it is too much, there is maybe limitlessly too much of this. But it is so beautiful and romantic!!!”

Jimmy Choo SS 2018 – “Why on earth would anyone wear beautiful high heels wrapped in a plastic bag like rolls from the supermarket? Not to mention the odour when you take them off …”

Guess holiday 2017 – “Any woman in a sexy dress like that absolutely must feel like the most seductive Bond Girl EVER!”

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