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New Year’s detox for men

Jana Fikotová
03.Jan 2018
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It is not only women who have problems losing those extra pounds gained after eating luxuriously during the Christmas holidays. We have some advice for you how to get back into shape.  


The best thing to do is to resist the luxurious temptation which awaits you in the fridge, larder or kitchen. If you enjoy your food, at least try to avoid gluten, sugar, alcohol and also caffeine. If you have overeaten, two days of fasting is the ideal way to start cleansing your body.

Fluid intake

Regular fluid intake is the basis for everything. It is important for your body to get at least two litres of fluids. Your body will without a doubt return this. The best detox is to start every day with a lass of lukewarm water with lemon. This miraculous drink supports digestion, cleans the liver and deacidifies your stomach. 

Prodej exkluzivní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice
Prodej exkluzivní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice, Praha 4

3 miracle foods

Cabbage: a great way to cleanse the liver. Instead of heavy salads with mayonnaise, try to make a salad from grated apple, cabbage and caraway seed.

Artichoke: the main chemical to be found in this vegetable is cynarine, which stimulates creation and secretion of bile. It is the perfect thing to promote healthy liver function.

Leaf vegetables: rocket, spinach, kale and other leaf vegetables undoubtedly support the level of chlorophyll in the digestive tract and help better digestion. Eat as much of this as you want!

Try some antioxidants

The ideal helper during a luxurious detox, be this due to having overeaten or overindulged in alcohol, is antioxidants. Foodstuffs rich in this need no introduction. They for example include ginger, garlic or beetroot. Ginger tea, garlic soup or beetroot juice will help to get you back into shape. Ensuring sufficient intake of water and green tea is important in this case. These will cleanse the body and will certainly leave you feeling fresh.

Don’t forget to exercise

Don’t forget about sports during your detox. If you are not the sort of person to start off your detox regime in a luxury gym from day one, at least set aside an hour for a walk or gentle run. Weather permitting, get your cross-country skis out of the cellar. You can’t beat starting the new year not only with a clear head, but also a cleansed body.

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