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A novelty that makes coronavirus testing more convenient.

A novelty in COVID-19 testing: Mobile laboratory to visit people both in companies and at home

Karolína Lišková
01.Dec 2020
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2 minutes

There are many testing sites in Prague where you can get tested for coronavirus, but then you have to wait for the results at home. Today, a novelty in testing was launched: a mobile laboratory in a specially adapted ambulance vehicle. On appointment, the laboratory will reach you anywhere in Prague.

Bulk testing

The evaluation of a full-fledged PCR test will be available in a few hours, depending on the number of samples. The special laboratory can collect and evaluate samples from up to 94 people at a time.

"The mobile laboratory, capable of performing bulk sample collections and evaluating the results within two or three hours, is a new addition to all our testing sites. I believe that it will help us manage the whole situation in Prague even better,"

says Deputy Mayor for Security Petr Hlubuček, noting that the service is intended mainly for companies that need to test more employees at once.

An example is the hotel network, where it' necessary to test everyone from the chamber maids through the receptionists to the porters, so that potential guests can be sure that they have arrived in a safe environment.

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Mobilní laboratoř s mediky.
Mobilní laboratoř s mediky.Source: archiv

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Zázemí mobilní laboratoře.
Zázemí mobilní laboratoře. Source: archiv

Run by four certified medics

The mobile laboratory is located in a specially adapted ambulance vehicle, which contains all the equipment required for collecting samples. Also included are analyzers and instruments capable of performing on-site analysis of all collected samples.

The mobile laboratory will be operated by medics and certified laboratory staff who will be responsible for PCR analysis of samples. In addition to this most common testing method, it will be possible to perform an immunochromatographic test for antibodies as well as an antigen test here. Both of these tests will be evaluated on site within ten minutes.

"We believe that this service will help in particular many entrepreneurs to resume fully-fledged operation, whatever the measures set by the government. The mobile laboratory is a convenient method, thanks to which a group of people who are in close contact can be tested in a short time with a reliable PCR test and positive people can be isolated in time, so that the entire operation doesn't have to be limited or even interrupted. Of course, this service can also be used by natural persons, for example before a wedding, family celebration and the like,"

says Viktor Furman, CEO of GHC Genetics, the company offering the new service.

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Odběrový pracovník a pacient.
Odběrový pracovník a pacient. Source: archiv

How does it work?

The ordering system works via the e-mail address or the covid line 739 500 500. It is necessary to state the date and place of the planned tesing and the number of persons to be tested.

Mobile laboratory price list:

5-10 samples (collection in Prague) = 2,500 CZK / 1 person - result within 2 hours + price for delivery of an ambulance service 5,000 CZK (one-time)

11-34 samples (collection in Prague) = CZK 2,200 / 1 person - result within 3 hours + price for delivery of an ambulance service CZK 2,000 (one-off)

35 and more samples (collection in Prague) = CZK 1,900 / 1 person - result within 5-6 hours. Delivery of an ambulance service = FREE

Prodej luxusního bytu Praha 4 - 214m
Prodej luxusního bytu Praha 4 - 214m, Praha 4

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