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The smartwatch can identify people potentially infected with COVID-19 within your company.

A new smartwatch has been invented in Slovakia: It informs your employer about your every step

Kristina Valachyová
05.Feb 2021
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Chytré hodinky Resco

The new smartwatch is designed for work purposes as well as for private use. When an employee leaves work, it automatically switches to a personal mode for the employee's private purposes and their employer can no longer access it. No manufacturer has offered such an option until now. Resco, a Slovak IT company, had developed the software, but the watch was not suitable for use in industrial plants at that stage. By combining a suitable carrier and the software, the NIVY Watch smartwatch has been created.

With the help of the watch, your boss can always find you within the workplace

Employees do not have to set up a thing, they just put the watch around their wrist and the data collecting starts automatically. The watch can be used during work to exchange important information with colleagues or to receive notifications and alerts from machines. It is able to detect the location of employees on the company's premises and, based on that, identify where they are. However, don't even think about playing games on your watch during working hours. The watch is designed as a work tool and contains only work applications to avoid distractions at work.

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Chytré hodinky Resco.
Chytré hodinky Resco.Source: Archiv Resco

It detects potential infection

The smartwatch can track employees' movement in the workplace, how much time they spend in certain places, and whether they were near other employees who also wore the watch. Their whereabouts are traced by Bluetooth beacons, which are located on the company's premises and can determine their location (i.e. the location of the watch). Whether an employee has been in contact with another employee can be verified based on the signals that all watches send to each other.

If an employee is diagnosed with an infectious disease, it is possible to use data from their watch to identify the employees they encountered at the time of the infection and thus prevent its further spread.

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Pracovník ve výrobě s hodinkami.
Pracovník ve výrobě s hodinkami.Source: Archiv Resco

It measures heart rate and counts steps

The device is designed to increase work efficiency, but it can benefit employees in their spare time as well, mainly when it comes to sports activities. It can be used to monitor pulse, count steps, or track distance. There is no need to connect the watch to a mobile phone like in the case of a regular smartwatch. The data collected from the watch is stored in a cloud accessible on the internet via a personal account. The watch is charged using a charging station in which several pieces can be placed at once.

"It's important to invest in employees because the company's productivity and success are based on them. Proper use of our watches by companies will result in faster processes, increased efficiency, and sales,"

Viktoria Ryšanová from the company Resco stated for LP-Life.

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Nabíjecí stanice umožňují dobít stovky hodinek.
Nabíjecí stanice umožňují dobít stovky hodinek.Source: Archiv Resco

The first smartwatch with the Made in Slovakia sticker

The design of the watch, its software interface, mechanical components, and part of the electronics were drafted and are manufactured in Bratislava, Slovakia. The most complex part of the electronics is manufactured in Shenzhen, China. Because Slovakia is the centre of Europe, the company decided to produce the watch right here (Made in Slovakia).

Nevertheless, if you plan to buy NIVY Watch, we are sorry to disappoint you. It will not be available on the regular market, the manufacturer wants to sell it directly to companies. Its price will be approximately 600 EUR, i.e. 15,600 crowns.

Currently, pilot projects are underway in two smaller companies and they will be followed by the analysis of the data obtained and the evaluation of results.

"Companies show a great interest in our product, but we expect a waiting period of half a year to a year from the first use of the watch until the project's final output is determined,"

Ryšanová added for LP-Life.

The company is planning to develop similar watches in a smaller design in the future.

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